Monday, March 17, 2014

Did Recall PAC File A Questionable PAC Report?

The PAC report filed by the group ("Oro Valley Citizens For Ethical Government) that tried to recall Council Member Mike Zinkin  is, in our opinion, woefully short of filing complete information. The report does not include debt, obligations, and in-kind services.  The PAC is required to report such.  It reports none.

We know from our prior experience with PACs that during the report's 3-month time frame ended December 31, there were most likely debt obligations or in-kind donations for items such as:
  • printing and/or copying of petitions to be circulated
  • printing and/or copying of handouts of speculative recall charges sheets to be given to potential petition signers
  • office supplies 
  • clipboards to hold petitions
  • poster board to request signing petitions
  • newspaper advertisements
  • street or yard signs
  • bank account fees
Did the PAC receive an in-kind contribution from a blog they control which expressly focused on the recall effort?

We know from our own observations of activities that took place that there were debts or in-kind contributions incurred.

We know, for example, that in December the PAC ran ads in the local advertising circular.  The cost of this advertisement should have been listed as a debt obligation when the debt is incurred, which is the date of the ad, not when the bill is received.  Why wasn't the cost of this listed?  If the ad were free, why wasn't it reported as an "in-kind" contribution.

The PAC report filed by the recall group does not include any expenditures (Schedules D), any in-kind contributions (Schedule E) or any debts or obligations (Schedule F-3).

We brought this to the attention of Oro Valley Town Clerk Julie Bowers.  Her response to us:
"The treasurer has signed the report and has also confirmed that there were no disbursements due to the fact that no invoices were received during the reporting period. Based on the information provided by the committee and the amended report, this matter is concluded." 
Bowers response to us indicates that the only thing she did after we brought this to her attention was to ask the treasurer of the PAC about disbursements.  We find her response to us to be dismissive, as if we were the problem.

Why didn't Bowers invest the time to dig deeper?   As we have demonstrated, even a cursory look at the report reveals that the report is wrong.

We do not want to do the town's clerk's job for her; nor do we wish to attach "motive" to her actions.  Rather, we want her to do the following:  "Order" an immediate filing of an accurate, complete report.

We do not agree with Ms. Bowers that the "matter is concluded." The report filed by the recall PAC is  incomplete.  This matter is "not concluded."


Richard Furash, MBA said...

I saw the report that the PAC filed and I had the same question. They ran 3-4 ads in the local paper and also displayed signs at intersections all over town. What did they pay for those newspaper ads? Or did the paper give them FREE advertising? If they did, then the paper was complicit in the recall. And if they did, it should still have been reported on the form as an "in-kind" contribution. Instead, there is no report of anything. What did they pay for the recall signs? Again, their expenses are listed as zero. Something doesn't smell right.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Sometime ago, I acted as treasurer for a local PAC, and HAD TO FILE quarterly reports to TOV.
What's going on here? If this story is accurate, the politics here are in violation of the law.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Just like the recall itself.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Can hardly wait for the election!

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Another case of a illegal act with no punishment. Oro Valley is endangered.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Is Eric Holder living here now?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Outstanding comment!!!