Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oro Valley Town Survey Paints Oro Valley: "quiet, delightful, laid back, peaceful”

A recently completed telephone survey of 306 Oro Valley adult residents was commissioned by the Town of Oro Valley. It was completed in September.  The survey paints a rosy picture of what residents think of the town:   Comparing the survey results with one done ten years ago:

"Residents feel Oro Valley is a safe community, with a low crime rate (nearly doubling from 16% in 2002 to 28% now). There has also been a major jump in the perception of “feeling of community” (from just 6% to 16% now), as well as a significant increase in the description of the town a “quiet, delightful, laid back, peaceful” place (up from 10% to 15%)'."
What didn't the respondents like?  They didn't like the distance they had to travel to Tucson or the airport and a "lack of services."   Oro Valley's rapid growth was perceived to be "just about right" by two-thirds of the respondents.

According to the survey, the biggest challenges facing the town are congestion on Oracle Road and managing land development.

The survey covers a number of areas such as public safety, transportation, and parks and recreation facilities.

In addition to the survey, the town has a survey that you can take online.     Click here to visit the site.  Once you set up your account (we suggest using an email address and not using Facebook) you can click to take the survey and a variety of areas.  These areas and the questions and responses to them seem to be identical to what would've been used in the telephone survey.

It is important that you weigh in.   The town will be using this information as input to the update the General Plan.  Such surveys are part of their outreach program.  Visit the site.  Get in the game.


Nombe Watanabe said...

Two comments.

Anyone who has lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC. or other cities, must be amazed that people would complain about "congestion" on Oracle Road.

I agree with OVOT, disabling comments is a bad policy.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I moved here 10 years ago and I would have been more likely then to say, "low crime rate...quiet, delightful, laid back, peaceful."

Not so much anymore. Too much development led to too much traffic, road widening, traffic lights and traffic noise, and the new "upscale" mall really brought the character of Oro Valley down quite a few notches.