Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Zinkin Recall: Where's The Beef?

This is our third posting on the attempt the recall petition taken out against Council Member Mike Zinkin. The first posting was "Hiiremath Supporters Attempting To Recall Zinkin."  In it, we identified some of the recall characters.  Our second posting was "The Zinkin Recall: What Is This Really About?" we identified what the "complaints" were.

We've done our homework.  We want to bring you up to speed.  Our research continues to support our position that the recall effort on Council Member Mike Zinkin is all politics and nothing more.  Our research indicates that there "ain't no beef."

We base this conclusion on two factors. First, there isn't a scintilla of evidence that Zinkin has done something so heinous that recall would be justified.  After 2 sloppy attempts to file an application for recall, the Oro Valley Citizens for Ethical Government listed the following "grounds" for recall:
"Unethical behavior and conduct unbecoming on the part of a Council member in Oro Valley, Arizona. Ethical and moral violations include but are not limited to: Sexual harassment, Racism, and Intimidation to Town of Oro Valley employees and members of the public, as well as, actions jeopardizing the health, safety and welfare of Oro Valley residents resulting in compromised public safety ."
There is no support in town files for any of this. We've formally inquired of the town. At least three other individuals have also done so. We've compared and contrasted what all were given. It is identical.

We've discussed the town provided material with Council Member Zinkin.  He has explained each situation to our satisfaction and to the extent that he is allowed to do so without revealing confidential council discussions. 

The complaints were filed by Mayor Hiremath, Chief Sharp, the Oro Valley Police Officers Association, Mary Snider and Greg Caton.  There are no citizen complaints. There are no complaints from employees, other and Sharp and Caton.

So, we ask, where is the beef?

If the Oro Valley Citizens for Ethical Government has "proof" of any of their assertions then they need to show it, rather than using a smear campaign.  We can tell them right now: "You "ain't gonna find your proof" in town records".  Sexual harassment is a crime. Zinkin has never been accused nor convicted of sexual harassment. There is no proof nor any record of any intimidation of Town employees or the public.  Proof just isn't there.  What there is is here-say and "personal feelings of animosity toward Zinkin" on the part of those who simply oppose him.

We ask again, where's the beef?


Nombe Watanabe said...

Where is the beef? I do not care about beef.

I want to know where is the audit of police overtime ?

The forces of status quo appear to have won, there is no audit because there is all this noise about a recall.

Police Union: 2.
Oro Valley: 0

PaulE said...

The fact that these "complaints" came from other members of the council and the police department reeks of junkyard politics. These people want to muzzle someone who they don't agree with - not exactly the American Way. These folks are the same ones who are cozy with the OVPD and refuse to adequately manage it, as required. If anyone needs a recall, it would be for those whose malfeasance fosters the incestuous relationship between the council and the police department. That's the elephant in the room - the issue that Mr. Zinkin and others demand correcting.

Marlene Leeper said...

They are attempting ro recall the wrong person! I recommend we start at the top.

OVDad said...

Gee, I bet you guys asked Councilmember Zinkin some really tough questions in your private Q&A. I am relieved he "explained each situation to [your] satisfaction" since the LOVE blog is as neutral when it comes to Zinkin as Fox News is when it comes to Ted Cruz (or: as neutral as MSNBC is towards Obama).

I am not going to engage with your views on various councilmembers since we all know there is little common ground to be found there. I am not even going to comment on Zinkin based on previous blog posts of mine being deleted. Although I find it quite funny that - by deleting blog posts that do not express their love for Mr. Zinkin - you are preventing information about him to reach the public sphere, only to then turn around and say "there isn't a scintilla of evidence that Zinkin has done something so heinous that a recall would be justified." And, speaking of hypocrisy, did you apply the same level of scrutiny to the previous recall effort? I somehow doubt it.

Lastly, the beauty about our country's political system is that it lets the citizens decide. Whether the evidence would hold up in court isn't relevant. Nobody is taking Mr. Zinkin to court. What matters is whether his conduct is becoming of a public official, of somebody who represents our town. If enough citizens have "personal feelings of animosity" toward one or more council members, then a recall is entirely justified, no?

OV Objective Thinker said...


Either you don't have all of the information OR you do and you are simply not willing to let it out.

There are complaints from two female toen employees. The complaint filed by Sharp was as a result of a complaint filed with him by one of his oficers. He simple forwarded the complaint to TOV Human Resources.

This blog is becoming more corrupt each day.

Mike Zinkin is an embarassment to this community.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Pardon my typo's....town...simply...officers

Richard Furash, MBA said...

For the record,

There are no complaints filed by two female Oro Valley employees.

What there is are a memo from Chief Sharp alleging something involving a female employee and one from Town Manager Caton alleging something involving a female employee.

No female employee has filed a complaint about Council Member Zinkin.

There is no complain involving sexual harassment by anyone.

We ask again: Where is the beef? Please, show us.


OVDad said...

Just to keep this straight, Richard:

Are you suggesting Chief Sharp and Town Manager Caton made up these complaints?

Are you suggesting there never were any female employees that felt harassed by Mr. Zinkin?

OV Objective Thinker said...

Richard...You are just flat wrong on this one.

Why don't you just publish the memo from Chief Sharp and the memo from Caton and let the folks decide for themselves.

People like Caton and Sharp just don't go around writing memos regarding sexual harassment in the work place without some basis for doing so. To think that is the case is just madness.

And what do you suppose would cause Zinkin to apologize for his behavior? His overblown ego would never allow for something like that if it wasn't factual. He knows it's true or he would have long ago simply published a denial.Why doesn't Zinkin just post a rebuttal on this blog himself? He certainly isn't shy about being critical of others when he wishes to do so.

What little credibility this blog had created after the previous management has been totally wiped out.

How this blog and the 7 or 8 regular posters can condone such behavior from an elected official is a sad testimonial for this community.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

To All,

At some point we may provide online access to all of the documents.

We are, however, being sensitive to the individual in this case and his family.

Slurs and innuendos and "reports: of hearsay by third parties are not proof of anything.

For example, don't care what Chief Sharp says one of his people told him. That is hearsay. And Chief Sharp and the police have vested interest in getting "rid" of Zinkin.

This blog will not be used to serve that purpose.