Friday, October 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces

USAT Duathalon Tomorrow

The USAT Duathalon will run through Rancho Vistoso tomorrow.. This is a move of the event from April. (Press Release)  It is a run-bike-run event.  A triathlon includes swimming.

Hiremath and New York Mayor Bloomberg Want Stricter Gun Control

Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath, acting in his capacity as Mayor, has joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). The idea behind the group is to make it more difficult for those who legally want to purchase a weapon to get one.

Hiremath is one of 7 Arizona Mayors to join MAIG. The others are from Avondale,  Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Tempe, Tolleson and Tucson.

Ballfields Coming To Narana Park?

Council Member Mary Snider Mentioned that two ballfields are being considered for the Naranja Town Site.   Apparently, this is under discussion by the Oro Valley Parks and Recs department, with some involvement of town manager Greg Caton.
Town Will Not Overseed Our Parks This Winter

We have been told by town communication manager Misti Nowak that the town is not planning to over seed our parks this year.

Over seeding is necessary in order for the parks to look nice during our winter months when so many resident and visitors are here in Oro Valley.  The practice  of over seeding was discontinued several years ago.  However, we've been told by the town counsel that there is no budget problem and in fact, a surplus.  So, why not overseed the parks?  Otherwise, the parks look terrible in the winter.   Is this in "In Our Nature?"
You Gotta Be Kiddin: Vail Wants To Run "On The Cheap"

"The unincorporated area of Vail to our southeast is looking to incorporate. "Citizens for Vail, a pro-incorporation group comprising volunteers living in the area, believes the town can live off just state-shared revenues to provide the bare minimum of services required under state law....

No city hall. No police station. No senior center. No new parks. No performance center. And most important, no increases in property taxes.."(Source)

Are they kidding?   Who would want to live there?

A town's share of the state revenues are based on population. The more people, the more money.  Vail's less expensive land is going to continue to grow.  Growth will drive the need for services.    They may promise no taxes and sparse services now; but that will change once people move in and decide they want more.
Tucson's General Plan Involvement Process Looks Pretty Sparse Than Oro Valley's

"Prop. 402 concerns the ratification of Plan Tucson as the general plan for the city. The plan is a blueprint designed to guide the city’s growth and development over the next decade...Plan Tucson is the result of years of hard work by city staff and public input, incorporating 64 public meetings and more than 800 comments from stakeholders. The plan covers many areas including housing, public safety, education, business development, environmental quality and historic preservation, all with a focus on sustainability." (Source)

Is this the best they can do?  We expect more public meetings and comments here in Oro Valley as we build our General Plan 2015.
Dial-A-Ride Setting Records

Oro Valley's Dial-A-Ride set another passenger record last year.

"Fiscal year 2011-12 saw a ridership increase of 123%, from an average of 53 daily passenger trips to 110, and from 14,373 riders annually to 32,061. In FY 2012-13, ridership continued to grow at a rate of 61%. Now, as the Town clears the first quarter of FY 2013-14, this service is still experiencing a growth rate of about 30% and hitting all-time ridership records.

Oro Valley's Assistant Director of Development and Infrastructure Services Aimee Ramsey added, "The fact that our ridership continues to grow is a clear indication that the Town of Oro Valley is doing an outstanding job of meeting the transportation needs of our residents."" (Oro Valley Press Release)


Cares for OV said...

Will the public have any input into these future ball fields?

OV Objective Thinker said...

Since this is a bit's & pieces posting I'll post this little bit and piece.

I quote from another post:

"This blog will not be used to serve that purpose."

Obviously this blog will not be used to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth either.

As soon as a little heat is applied, comments are cut off. There is a tremendous message in that kind of performance.