Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oro Valley 2013-14 Budget Timetable Announced

The Oro Valley town  manager and the town finance officer conducted a community budget forum last week.  About 20 people attended.     The purpose of the meeting was to:  Provide information; solicit ideas; and  answer questions.

 The presentation  observed:

  • Construction revenues have been consistently decreasing since 2008,  down from a high of almost $8 million to its current level of proximally $2 million.
  • Retail and restaurant/bar revenues have increased steadily from $4 million to over $5 million during the same period
  •  Single and residential family permits  have increased substantially during 2012
  •  Police expenditures consumed 46% of the operating fund of the town.   The next largest consuming department is Development and  Infrastructure  Department  at 14%
  • Future revenue projections  will assume a 2 to 3% growth in sales tax revenues and a 3 to 6% growth in state shared tax revenues
  • Continued budget pressures will come from several sources including the increased demand for services and employee compensation and benefits increases
The presentation included the process for completing the budget:.   it appears of the budget will be approved by May.
  • The town will prepare revenue estimates in February, while department heads prepare their budget request
  • The town manager  and the town finance director will review the  department budgets in March
  •  The town manager will submit the recommended budget on April 3
  •  Study sessions with town Council will occur in April 10 and 14
  •  Public hearings on the budget will occur in May
You can can watch the meeting and download the meeting presentation.

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