Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Preview Of Tonight's Council Meeting

Here's a preview of for of the more interesting items on tonight's agenda of the Oro Valley Town Council
Will the Town Pay To Bury The TEP Lines?

The most important discussion tonight is item number 3.  Approval would authorize the under-grounding agreement between the town and TEP for utility service along portion of Oracle and Tangerine Road.   We've already written about this extensively.   We will report the result tomorrow.
Will The Council Raise Aquatic Center Rates?

Regular Agenda Item 14 on tonight's Oro Valley Town Council agenda is discussion of an increase in aquatic center fees.  Essentially, the recommended daily rates are double current rates.  For example, an Oro Valley Resident who is a senior currently pays $2.25 for a day.  The proposed rate is $5.00.  There are new membership options that reduce cost. For example, the same senior could buy an annual pass for $255, less than $1 per day.  The yearly rate includes free use of fitness equipment.  There are also proposed monthly rates; and a 30-visit punch pass.

"The recommended fees are structured to provide sufficient revenue to maintain the Aquatics Center General Fund subsidy at the FY 2010/11 level, which was approximately $305,000. When the facility is fully operational next fiscal year 2013/14, the increased costs of the expanded facility will be covered by a subsidy from the Bed Tax Fund of $150,000, with the full year operational budget for the Aquatics Center estimated at $740,000." (source)
Will The Council Approve The Extension of "A-Frame" Displays?

Item 12 is an extension of the "A-Frame" program:

"On September 21, 2011, Council approved the temporary use of outdoor displays and A-frames for Oro Valley businesses. On February 1, 2012, Council expanded the temporary use of A-frame signs to include non-profit organizations. As part of the temporary relief, certain fees and administrative reviews are waived and the only requirement is a permit for tracking purposes. These temporary sign relief measures are scheduled to expire February 1, 2013." (source)

The extension would mean that the UPS Store in Rooney Ranch can continue to display its tacky 3 cents per copy sign. We're sure this brings in much profitable business to the UPS Store. Not.

There is no information provided with the request that verifies that, after two years, these signs actually increased business.  We know that the signs didn't do the trick for Down Home Delights and The Loop; and Target and Office Max seem to do fine without them.

So, absent facts, the Council will operate on anecdotal evidence and emotion.
Will Gil Alexander Retain His Position On CDRB?

The last item on the agenda, item 15, is the approval or disapproval of current (volunteer) Development Review Board ("DRB") member Gil Alexander to second three year team.  Neither Mayor Hiremath no DRB board liaison want Gil on the Board.  The Council member meeting packet of materials include a letter to Gil from Mayor Hiremath. The letter states that the council had decided not to reappoint him.  The fact is: The council never made such a decision.  Or, if it was made, it was made in violation of open meeting laws since the decision was not made at any form of council meeting.

At issue is the belief on the part of some that Gil's role on DRB precludes him from speaking at town council meetings on items related to DRB reviews.  Also, according to the material included in the meeting packet, apparently Gil questions applicants on details of their plans. This latter item seems to bother Town Planning member David Williams, who, according to the filing, rebuked Gil for this. Williams' position is that detail questions are not what DRB members are supposed to do.

We look for  a lively discussion on this one.


Cares for OV said...

No wonder the Mayor put this item at the end of the extensive list of agenda items.

Cares for OV said...

In case you missed the end of this lengthy Council meeting, watch the video. You will see why the Mayor put the Gil Alexander item at the end of the agenda.

It seems the Mayor sent a letter to Mr. Alexander saying the Council had decided not to reappoint him to the Board. However, Council had never discussed this while in session, and some Councilmembers had never seen the Mayor's letter until Mr. Alexander shared his copy with them.

Not only was the discussion lively, it was disrespectful to a citizen volunteer. The Mayor and Vice-Mayor also became quite angry and disrespectful as they yelled at other Councilmembers. Another Councilmember tried to trivialize the discussion by saying it was only a vote.

Make me wonder what was behind all of this.