Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Will Joe Hornat Believe MTCVB & TREO To Be More Important Than Steam Pump Ranch?

Newly elected Council Member Joe Hornat thought funding Coyote Run was more important than funding the historical Steam Pump Ranch.

That sounds right to us.

Soon we'll see if Hornat believes funding Steam Pump Ranch is more important than helping to subsidize MTCVB & TREO.

For us----it's a "no-brainer." Steam Pump Ranch is more important, and as Council Member Bill Garner points out, we have an obligation to the voters of Pima County who helped finance the ranch with a bond issue.

Read what The Explorer says here.


Oro Valley Mom said...

Didn't the money approved for Steam Pump come out of the contingency reserve fund? If so, then whether or not Coyote Run is more important, the transfer of contingency reserve funds from Steam Pump to Coyote Run is another inappropriate use of the reserves for ongoing expenses.

artmarth said...

OV Mom--- I think the main point will be priorities.

Who thinks what is more important.

I don't believe anyone affiliated with Steam Pump Ranch endorsed any of the newly elected members.

The Zee Man said...

Hadn't thought of that, Art...

But, as many have noted, Oro Valley needs something, other than Golf and the State Park, to attract people here.

Steam Pump, with the Museum of Art, would have been a really good thing.

Oh well....