Thursday, July 1, 2010

Does Council Member Solomon Understand The Job Responsibilities?

Did anyone notice the Oro Valley Council agenda for July 7? Item #6 concerns council liaison appointments to various committees and boards.

Every council member has requested a liaison to at least one of these boards or commissions----with one glaring omission.(Barry Gillaspie, who has a full-time job will serve on four liaison committees)

For whatever reason, newly appointed Council Member Steve Solomon has requested to NOT be appointed to ANY liaison position at this time.

Might it be that he would rather be a part-time council person will no additional work?

As a developer, might Mr. Solomon not find one appointment where he could offer his expertise?

Perhaps, there will be some reconsideration prior to the July 7 meeting. Perhaps, not!

(From the OV agenda)
Some Liaison positions are yet to be filled. Councilmember Solomon has asked not to be considered for a liaison position at this time


Oro Valley Mom said...

My guess is that Solomon isn't going to waste his time with boards and commissions because is is on board with dismantling them.

Astute Gal said...

I'm not sure what the basis of your opinion is. Is it because there is questioning about the role of the DRB? I would hardly take that one example and spread it to all volunteer boards unless Mr. Solomon has explicity said so.

The role of a Council liaison with volunteer boards and committees sounds good in theory. We need to examine if it really produces the kind of dialogue that the framers of the original policy were looking for. If it's just one more meeting for a Council member to attend, or if the members of these boards defer to the opinion of the Council member, then I would question the need for a liaison.