Thursday, July 8, 2010

Additional Date Added For Public To Comment On Future Of Oro Valley Development Review Board

Mary Davis, Oro Valley Communications Administrator was good enough to inform us that a forth date has been added to the three previously announced meetings for the public to discuss the future of the Development Review Board. (All meetings at Town Hall)

Previous dates noted are:

Monday, July 19 10:00 AM
Thursday, July 22 1:30 PM
Friday, July 23 1:00 PM

Additional date added is Thu. Aug 5 4:30-6:30PM

As this meeting will be held in the Council Chambers, NO RSVP is required, as was the case with the earlier three meetings, due to space limitations.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

On another DRB thread, some of us were discussing why businesses succeed or fail, so I thought it would be interesting to note what a NEW Oro Valley business owner was quoted as saying in an AZ Star article:

"I've gone into stores where the staff is very young and there's really loud music playing, and I didn't feel comfortable. I've actually walked out of stores because I couldn't enjoy the experience."

I've walked out of stores (and restaurants and hair salons) for those same reasons. This world caters to 20-somethings and forgets that it's us baby-boomers who have the money to spend!

You can read the article I'm referring to right here on the LOVE Blog. Left hand column - Upscale Resale Store Sees Right Fit.

Now THIS is a business I will check out!

The Zee Man said...

Click here to view the article to which VC refers.

The Zee Man said...


In my experience, businesses fail for one or a combination of the following four reasons:

• Bad idea in the first place
• Bad location (if retail)
• Lack of sufficient cash when they started the business to weather the pains of start up.
• Lousy management

So, your thoughts on stores falls into the "Lousy Management" category.

Zev Cywan said...

Add in:

Restaurants that do not have dress codes that one would expect in ANY food establishment. A turnoff for eating at any establishment.

Lack of necessary amount of staff/service.

Lack of appropriate merchandise for the 'area' shoppers; ho-hum, 'everywhere' merchandise.

Sloppy display's.

Dirty premises.

Lack of competitive pricing.

No 'come back' strategy.


And then - blame the sign ordinances, blame the DRB, blame the Zoning Codes, etc. That's one of the biggest reasons - blame everybody and everything else and lastly get the Town to believe all that crap. And THEN, quit 'working' your own business cause it's everybody elses' fault.

The Zee Man said...

And, of course, Zev, also "blame the economy."

Many in business do everything but blame themselves for their failures. It makes it easier for them to handle the situation. That way, they can make the same mistake next time.