Friday, June 11, 2010

"UA buys Sanofi-Aventis facility for $3 million"

We've added a feature to the blog.

You'll notice on the left a new item called: "More Oro Valley News". It updates whenever a news piece is found on the web about Oro Valley. You select something from the list and a new page will take you to the article.

Here's one article that just posted and its good news: UA buys Sanofi-Aventis facility for $3 million. Click here to read all about it.

According to the article, UA plans to use the facility for several purposes; one of which is as an incubator for new businesses. I visited the UA incubator that is in the former IBM facility on the east side. I've worked with some of the start-ups that are there. They are linked to the Arizona Desert Angels, which is an investment source of financing.

Having a similar facility in Oro Valley is a big deal and good news.

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