Monday, June 21, 2010

Important Neighborhood Meeting Concerning Miller Ranch Development

We received the following email from one of the neighbors in close proximity to the proposed Miller Ranch property at La Canada & Tangerine.

We believe anyone that will be affected by this development should attend the June 22 neighborhood meeting at Town Hall (Hopi Room @ 6:00PM)



Hello neighbor,

Concerned that the light and traffic from the proposed project directly opposite you on La Cañada Drive will impact your enjoyment of your home and yard as well as your property values?

Please attend the Town of Oro Valley neighborhood meeting on Tuesday June 22, 2010 at 6 p.m.,

Oro Valley Hopi Conference Room, 11000 N. La Cañada Dr, Oro Valley.

This meeting is a conduit for querying the developer-applicant about his intentions for the proposed development of the Miller Ranch property along la Cañada Drive, from Tangerine Road to Sunkist Road.

Neighbors impacted by new development have legal rights empowering us to input and collaborate in the proposed project so it may be as attractive and compatible as can be. We have rights, but only if we use them.

Your attendance at the meeting on Tuesday June 22nd is very important.

By attending this meeting, you will add weight to neighbors’ legitimate concerns about this project :

noise from commercial traffic – three traffic entrances are planned on a 0.6 mile stretch on la Cañada,
night-light pollution,
obliteration of views along scenic corridor la Cañada with unusually tall and massive buildings,
financial viability of a "me too" commercial development.
Your presence is critical to the success of Tuesday’s meeting. While your questions for the developer are encouraged, you do not have to speak if you prefer not to.

If you would like further information before the meeting, please contact


The Zee Man said...

What were the results of this meeting?

Gio said...

Hi--I didn't attend the meeting as I am out of town, but what I heard from an attendee was disturbing.

Text that follows was emailed to me by an attendee regarding the Meeting. "At the meeting on June 22nd the facilitator imposed a one question only format. How can you discuss traffic in only one question with no right to respond to answer? Any meaningful discussion was stiffled. Councilman Solomon interjected with very audible horse and donkey sounds -- we're not sure if he was objecting to questions by women and/or the subject of development. The developer-applicant made repeated misrepresentations and the facilitator (Mary Davis -- spelt phonetically) flew to his rescue to shut down objections."
What is going on with this process? Why do we not have the right to have ALL our questions answered?
Council meeting is on July 21st 2010. Help and cooperation are needed to do what we can before then: Appeal to Council to add conditions to approval. Comments need to be linked to specific text in the Zoning Code and General Plan.

Gio said...

Who is the facilitator? Who selects the facilitator? How can concerned citizens get their concerns answered?
I guess we must all just email the council members with our concerns and questions, citing General Plan specifics. Otherwise we will have another behemoth at the entry of OV, to say nothing of the increased traffic and noise, which has increased steadily in the last five years.