Saturday, May 15, 2010

Does Richard Tracy Sr. Have Any Sense At All? You Decide.

Those of us that recognize the name, should know this guy has no clue whatsoever as to what is going on in Oro Valley.

He has seen fit to rant about me at council meetings, write letters to The Explorer (which are nonsensical) about me, and his latest foolishness is this text message he sent us.

It is the Richard Tracy Sr's of the world that support Dr. Hiremath that should be enough impetus for any person to say: "Mike Zinkin must be elected Mayor---along with Matt Rabb for Council."

Oh! By the way, his ignorant Explorer letter was posted here on May 12 & the letter from the three disgruntled homeowners was posted on April 28.

Note to Tracy: Make even a bigger fool out of yourself and report me to the Az Attorney General's office.

If ignorance is bliss, Tracy is truly blessed!

Here's Tracy's gibberish for anyone interested..

name: Richard Tracy Sr.
Art How about posting the letters where you were \"dissed\" by
your puppet and the one where you supported him? One more thing - are you
registered as a PAC? It seems that rather than supporting and uplifting Oro
Valley you have become a \"Political Organization.\" I wonder if the AZ
State Attorney General is aware of your activity. Will you post this or is
it true that you censor contributers (sic) to this web site? I notice that you do
not post letters from persons that know your candidate and his behavior
while with the Canada Hills Community Assn.and in his Sub Assn in Canada


Victorian Cowgirl said...

The "registering as a PAC" argument is old news. Where has Tracy been all this time? It was already looked into and determined that this is a blog for exchange of ideas and not a PAC. Art does not collect contributions for the candidates.

Tracy thinks this is a PAC? Then Tracy is not well-versed on all things political, which of course would explain why he also thinks that Hiremath is the best choice for mayor.

He also thinks you didn't post the letters from persons in the Canada Hills Community Assoc. when, in fact, you did post those letters.

Tracy does not pay attention and does not know the facts. Which again explains why he is voting for Hiremath.

Nombe Watanabe said...

In a former life, my office would receive letters like this. I believe all offices associated with "officialdom" have been exposed to the mindless rantings of disturbed individuals.

We always had a nice roll of tinfoil on hand so that we could build a "dome of protection" to send back to our unhappy correspondent. Informing him with the full force of our office that the dome would keep him safe and he would not need to write again.

N. Watanabe, Blogging Troll.