Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do We Want Four More Years Of Paul Loomis? We Say "NO!"

It won't be Loomis, as such, but a continuation of the same policies. That is why we need to elect Mike Zinkin Oro Valley Mayor. Here's my Explorer letter.

Why would OV take Loomis' suggestion?

As a close observer of Oro Valley politics, I couldn't help but notice that our "lame duck" mayor, Paul Loomis, would like his "legacy" continued for four more years.

Without trying to offend the almost 3,000 voters that saw fit to vote for Loomis in the primary, why in the world would the overwhelming majority of Oro Valley citizens want four more years of Loomis, by taking his advice, and voting for Dr. Hiremath?

It would be one thing if Loomis gave even one coherent reason to vote for "his" candidate, but the best he could come up with in his April 21 Explorer letter was, quoting Loomis:

"Dr. Satish Hiremath has demonstrated his commitment to Oro Valley for many years, and he has the experience to lead Oro Valley in the future." and "Dr. Hiremath also has the support of many people who care about Oro Valley."

I, and many others, ask, "Just exactly what experience Loomis is talking about?" The good dentist has absolutely zero experience in Oro Valley government. Should one vote for this man because, according to the mayor's rationale, many people support him?

There is only one candidate that will take us away from the "Loomis legacy." That candidate is Mike Zinkin, the only candidate beholden to the people of Oro Valley, not all the outside special interest groups

Art Segal, Oro Valley

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Victorian Cowgirl said...

I also thought that Loomis' "reasons" for endorsing Hiremath were weak and completely lacking in specifics.

Exactly HOW has Hiremath demonstrated his commitment to OV for many years? If Loomis truly wants a mayor who has demonstrated his commitment to OV for many years, then he should be voting for Zinkin who has a lengthy record of commitment to the town.

And then this "nothing" line:

"Dr. Hiremath also has the support of many people who care about Oro Valley."

Is Loomis implying that Zinkin doesn't?

Mike Zinkin is actually the one who has the support of many PEOPLE who care about Oro Valley. He came in FIRST in the primary election!

So if Loomis truly wants to endorse the candidate who has the support of PEOPLE who care about OV, he would be endorsing and voting for Zinkin.

Hiremath has the support of BUSINESSES and ORGANIZATIONS OUTSIDE of Oro Valley.