Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Exactly Is The N. Tucson Firefighters Assoc. Union Trying To Tell Oro Valley Citizens?

We came across this posting on the N. Tucson Firefighter Union Facebook, and wonder just what they mean by saying they are proud to support Dr. Hiremath, and (Quoting them)

"We believe Dr. Hiremath will continue to offer basic services at an affordable price --."

Are they looking for dental services from Hiremath at a reduced rate, or what?

Are they suggesting Hiremath will determine the new fire rates in Oro Valley???

Perhaps, those of our readers that do not understand why we are concerned about these Special Interest Groups meddling in our election, will realize, they must vote for Mike Zinkin. Mike won't get involved with these types of deals that do not benefit the people of Oro Valley.

Here's their whole posting, (spelling errors and all) including mentioning of our humble "LOVE" blog.

North Tucson Firefighters Association - Local 3832 The North Tucson Firefighters are proud to support Satish Hiremath in his efforts to become the Mayor of Oro Valley. We believe Dr. Hiremath will continue to offer basic services at an affordable price and maintain the quality of life in Oro Valley. We are confident he will seek consesus not conflict, and manage instead of meddle. Please visit his website at to learn more about him. Also please visit the LOVE Blog to see very nice photos of our campaign signs which they advertise for us free of charge Let Oro Valley Excel .


Anonymous said...

What is North Tucson Firefighter's Association trying to tell OV citizens? Here are two good reads worth your time:

What makes the US a great place to live is the freedom to vote our conscience. I would like to ask OV voters to exercise due diligence and ask themselves why the union backs a particular candidate.

Zinkin is not bought by big union politics and you should consider this. Unless of course you favor larger government and higher taxes.

The articles above offering chilling examples that we can avoid. There is a reason that level-headed Americans are rising up in mass to protest dishonest systems, unions, and politicians.

You can support firefighters as people and not agree with their politics.

I also want to add that I disagree with the pompous attitude of the Firefighter's Union by sarcastically remarking on this blog. Lest they forget we pay their salaries and we vote. Beyond that, it's unprofessional and reinforces the thug imagery that is beginning to emerge for firefighter unions.

artmarth said...

Hi "Toll for"--- Thanks for your comment and the two links. Although both articles are quite lengthy, they both make the case, as you noted.

We totally agree with your comment, and will repeat it here.

"Zinkin is not bought by big union politics and you should consider this. Unless of course you favor larger government and higher taxes."

We can only hope enough of the voters know what you, I, and so many of our readers know:

We Must Vote For Mike Zinkin And ONLY Matt Rabb.

Thanks again for helping us spread the word.

Zev Cywan said...

This is not at all news to me. We are becoming a nation of power groups and whether or not a group represents the 'working' class, the public safety sector, or the 'elite', et al, they ALL have one thing in common - POWER WITH CORRUPTION AND THE ENDORSEMENT OF BIG GOVERNMENT! Where will all of this lead -collapse, tyranny, fascism, revolt? All of these 'results' are possible and the revelations the named articles present have been brewing for years and years.

Back to local. Will Hiremath, if elected, consciously become a stooge for the Firefighter's Association? I doubt it. In Oro Valley, the Golder Ranch Fire Department is it's own Political Subdivision and the Town has very little remaining power to enhance their potential for more 'growth'. If the FD were a Town District, perhaps there could be a different story. So, WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS ENDORSEMENT? I believe that this is a lockstep support for the Fraternal Order of Police; public safety divisions do 'stick' together. Although I am NOT in support of Hiremath for Mayor, I doubt that this endorsement will effect his altogether NAIVE outlook. NAIVETY AND SLYNESS are characteristics of Hiremath that do bother me; the man is an empty suit!

The Zee Man said...

GRFD has a vested interest in this election in that the Town can and should consider it's own Fire Department.

I'm not saying that having a town run fire service is a good thing one way or the other.

I'm simply saying that it is on the table and that a candidate so squarely supported by the status quo fire coverage situation will not be independent when it comes to a study of this nature.

There is no political support by the fire service without payback.

Satish is a empty suit, bought and paid for by special interests.

Bobnew said...

It's the conspiracy theory! The Cops and Fireman are going to run the Town.

As a long time OV business owner and resident, I felt the squeeze of Mr. Zinkin while he was a DRB member and frankly don't want anything to do with him. Business friendly...... HA.... he has no clue.

And for the record, I am very happy Rural/Metro is out of OV. I had the unfortunate experience to actually need services and God forbid I didn't have a current subscription......there charge was extreme and service poor. Then sent their "thugs" to collect and then to collections.

You all tout you want the best for OV, well loose the mud sliging and talk facts about the candidates.

We live in a free country and supporting a candidate is a right. Remember?

You tout all this trash about "big union"....... Do you know the Policeman and Fireman in OV.

Quit smear campaign and talk issues.

Nombe Watanabe said...

Bobnew does not understand that most, if not all, citizens of the OV - and blog participants - support both the police and the fire department. He also does not understand that most OV residents believe that when budget cuts occur each town department must take a reduction in budget allocation. It may be that some public safety line items will not be reduced. However, the public safety unions (or what ever you want to call them, thugs come to mind) do not believe that ANY reduction should be made. Bobnew is wrong, the police and fire professions are held in high regard on this blog, it is the political positions of the unions/associations that are called into question.