Thursday, April 8, 2010

Well! Well! "Fire Fighters For Satish Hiremath"

Some questions for our readers.

Have any of our readers seen the new campaign signs that recently appeared? The ones that say, "Fire Fighters For Hiremath."

How many of our readers recall that the Golder Ranch Fire Fighters supported candidates in the 2004 election?

How many recall the outcome of that election?

Most of the candidates the Fire Fighters supported were elected.

Guess what happened next?

Within a couple weeks, the new council members voted to allow Golder Ranch Fire District to annex Town Hall.

Was that a problem?

Not that, but the subsequent chain of events was a big problem for thousands of us.

What happened?

As a result of those council member's action, Rural Metro Fire Department, slowly but surely was forced out of business in Oro Valley.

So what?

For the thousands of us that were being serviced by Rural Metro, we were forced to be in the GRFD, and our fire service rates were increased substantially---in some cases 100% or more.

Do you want to see another fire service rate hike?

Of course not. Who would?

Should you be concerned that the Fire Fighters want to see Satish Hiremath elected?

Certainly you should----unless, of course you don't believe history can't be repeated.

Don't let another Special Interest Group have control in Oro Valley.


Mike has NO Special Interest support. Mike will be beholden to ONLY the people of Oro Valley.

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