Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Explorer Reports On Latas Recent Resignation From Oro Valley Council

The Explorer reports on the resignation of Salette Latas from Oro Valley Council.

read it here.


Oro Valley Mom said...

No wonder she resigned. She took the time to send the reporter the letter that you so kindly published in its entirety, and he chooses instead to focus on things that happened before she was elected, including the political activities of her ex-husband.

But the worst part is including the hypocritical comments of KC Carter saying that he would never campaign against his fellow incumbents. What a joke! Carter took every opportunity possible to smear Loomis, Dankwerth, Culver, Parish, Gillaspie, and finally, Latas and Garner.

John Martin said...

While I know that Art and many others on this blog are ardent supporters of Ms. Latas, I don't really think the newspaper should be expected to print an unfettered, uncritical assessment of an elected official. The paper ought not serve as someone's publicist.

Oro Valley Mom said...

I agree, John. But neither should they be so one-sided in their article that they have to dig back to before the person was in office to say anything about her. Nor should they rely for their information on the opinion and speculation of a defeated, bitter old man.

Jay D said...

Hard to think that it took much time for Latas to send the reporter her lengthy list of "accomplishments."

I think the article was fair. Not only was there mention of policies Latas supported during her tenure, but also mention of her frustrations, and those emails she sent to citizens. I have to wonder how she got their email addresses. I have seen the emails and find them to be rather hypocritical. Initially, Latas supported Emmons and Rabb, but several weeks before Emmons removed himself from the election, Latas only mentioned supporting Rabb in her email...Odd.

John Martin said...

Why is a person's past off-limits? Ms. Latas seriously campaigned for the job for more than a year, and, before that, was very active in town and local politics, as was her husband. The fact that her activism propelled her into office is as relevant today is it was then, especially considering the fact that she saw fit to resign her position not quite halfway through her term. Sure, Mr. Carter has his agenda. That's been well-documented. But, from my reading of the article, The Explorer's report in no way seemed to rely on anything he said as the sole basis for its reporting.