Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Explorer Editor Asks---"Should Voters Elect A New Council Member Upon A Resignation?"

The Explorer editor raises an interesting question. Should the voters be allowed to vote for a new council member upon the resignation of member prior to term expiration?

The editor, Dave Perry says "yes."

Dave may be correct, but has he considered what should be done if an election is not imminent, but perhaps years away? Special elections are quite expensive. We believe in this case, it would also be too late, as ballots have already been printed.

Although it's always good to have the voters elect their representatives, the logistics seem to say, "let it be."

Below is The Explorer editorial.

The people's call?
By Dave Perry, The Explorer

Another Oro Valley Town Council member has resigned from the post. Salette Latas has left the duty after two years. We are grateful for her service.

The resignation poses yet another election-cycle question for the town.

Rules allow the town council to fill the vacancy however it chooses, and the governing board meets Wednesday to discuss their approach.

While chided (nicely, by at least one person) for comments a week ago about the ballot, we must insist that Oro Valley do everything it can to let the voters, rather than the council, choose its representatives.

We're going to the polls in more than six weeks. That should be sufficient time to evaluate results from the primary election ballot, determine which candidates remain interested and see about getting their names before the ultimate decision-makers — the people of Oro Valley.

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