Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unoffical 100% Votes Are In---Carter Is Out! Matt Rabb Is In

The last batch of votes were counted today and we are very pleased to see that Matt Rabb overtook the incumbent, KC Carter and will be in the runoff election, along with Dr. Don Emmons, Lou Waters & Joe Hornat.

Congrats to Mary Snider in her decisive victory in the primary.

We believe the voters will have very clear cut choices for both mayor and council.

Here is the Unofficial 100% vote count.


HIREMATH, SATISH 0 3531 0 3531 33.23%
LOOMIS, PAUL 0 2988 0 2988 28.12%
ZINKIN, MIKE 0 4094 0 4094 38.53%
Write-in Votes 0 12 0 12 0.11%


CARTER, K.C. 0 2936 0 2936 10.78%
EMMONS, DONALD 0 3062 0 3062 11.24%
FINCHEM, MARK 0 2822 0 2822 10.36%
HORNAT, JOE 0 4077 0 4077 14.97%
RABB, MATTHEW 0 2957 0 2957 10.86%
SNIDER, MARY 0 6653 0 6653 24.43%
WATERS, LOU 0 4684 0 4684 17.20%
Write-in Votes 0 45 0 45 0.17%


James said...

In an earlier post Zee Man thanked the mayor for his service. I too want to thank Mayor Loomis for his 12 years of service to Oro Valley. Agree with him or not, Mayor Loomis always had the best interests of Oro Valley residents at heart.
Thanks to KC Carter for his 6 years of service also.

boobie-baby said...

We should all give more than a nod of thanks to the outgoing Mayor. Not only has he led Oro Valley through both good times and less than good times, he has also been a force for regional approaches to issues that go beyond jurisdictional boundaries.

He is respected throughout the county and the state for his leadership in these areas, and it would be show of support for bloggers here to give credit where it is due.

Whoever is elected Mayor or Council member in May will have a Herculean task in the face of the national and international recession--no municipality is immune from these far-reaching impacts.

We need to keep our eye on the ball--namely: who will be the next Town Manager. Will the Town attract anyone of quality given the Council's record over the past 2-3 years? Will a new and inexperienced Council be sufficiently educated to understand the qualities needed in a manager?

Art: Let's propose a new discussion topic--the experience and personality that the Council (regardless of its makeup) should be looking for in a Manager. This goes beyond election politics and would produce some useful dialogue, no?

artmarth said...

Very nice gracious comment boobie-baby.

Also your point is well taken about looking for top qualities in a new town manager.

This may not be the right time, but it is certainly worth noting that in the last few months, two Council Members resigned their positions.

As of two days ago, two incumbents were defeated in their reelection bids.

Why bring this up now?

Because it was Loomis, Carter, Kunisch & Abbott that forced out our totally qualified Town Manager out of his job.That action put this community in the position of now having to try to hire a qualified replacement, without even considering the unnecessary expense we have and will incur.

It's easy to kick someone (Loomis) when they're down, but I have enough reasons as a citizen to not be overly gracious.

As to your point of "the experience and personality that the Council (regardless of its makeup) should be looking for in a Manager," may I suggest we try and find someone with 18 years experience, a strong background in Finance, a concern for the citizens, a demeanor to get along with those that work for him and be truly dedicated to the job.

All we need to do is find "another David," as he has gone on to bigger and better things. Good for him. Too bad for us!

boobie-baby said...

Your graciousness (or lack therof) notwithstanding, you do help me to make my point: What kind of candidates can the Town expect in its search for a manager given the Council's actions over the past 4 years--the forced retirement of one long-term manager and the less-than-pristine process of terminating another manager?

Rather than re-playing the Andrews tape, the Town needs to look forward to decide what it wants its leadership to be in 2020. Any new manager will have to deal with a less-experienced Council and Mayor and he/she will have to bring together fractious elements to keep the Town on an even keel.

Again, I would suggest a new blog topic that would address this issue.