Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oro Valley Election Results---No Primary Mayoral Winner --- Loomis Is Eliminated

There will a run-off election on May 18 with Mike Zinkin taking on Satish Hiremath.

Mike was the top vote getter with 38.77%. Satish had 32.75% & the incumbent, Mayor Loomis is out with only 28.37%.

There are still a few hundred votes that have not yet been counted, which may impact the final count for council.

It appears that Mary Snider garnered enough votes to have won a seat.

Pending the final count, if Snider received enough votes, the bottom two will be eliminated.

Mark Finchem---10.2%
Matt Rabb---10.87%
KC Carter--- 10.9%
Dr Don Emmons---11.1%
Joe Hornat---15.13%
Lou Waters---17.02%
Mary Snider---24.46%

Home Rule passed by approx. 70-30%


sonia preble said...

Yes it does appear that Mary Snider has won the primary election. The win would certainly make her the obvious choice for the recently vacated seat.

The Zee Man said...

Thanks to Mayor Loomis for his many years serving Oro Valley.

Congratulations to Mary Snider. May she serve the citizens of Oro Valley with the same energy and determination that she put into here campaign for council.

Chuck Davis said...


Phil Richardson said...

Re: The Runoff. It's so very obvious, but I was awakened at 3:00AM this morning with a tried and true political theme that needs repeating - for it renews our faith once again in our democracy. Mike Zinkin is "The Peoples' Choice" for Mayor by a considerable margin - and without backing from the monied interests or the commercial power structure; certainly without the largest war chest, Mike led the field in the race for Mayor in the Primary. I pray that will continue to be so in the Runoff.

The Zee Man said...

Zinkin's The One

artmarth said...

Sonia--- Although Ms. Snider was not our choice for council, she was the obvious choice of many of the voters as she garnered more than twice the votes of four other candidates.

As such, we believe your point that she should fill the vacant seat, prior to taking her permanent seat in June, certainly has merit.

Hopefully, the council will see fit to do just that.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

What I like the most is that 72% of the people voted against Loomis! Wow!

Victorian Cowgirl said...


On another post you said, "In my mind, if you can't get the folks to chip in to help you then you don't have a strong message."

Don Emmons received more votes than Finchem, Rabb and Carter, despite the fact that he raised NO money and THEY did. Guess he had a strong message after all.

You went on to say, "You need money to run a successful campaign..."

Emmons made it through the primary (success) without raising any money. Looks like you're wrong again.

Since you (and some others) like to pick apart every word I say, I just thought I'd return the favor!:)