Friday, March 12, 2010

Mary Snider Appointed to Fill Vacancy On Oro Valley Council

With no fanfare, in an abrupt 3 minute Special Session, Mary Snider was unanimously approved as the replacement to fill the vacancy left by Al Kunisch's resignation.

Based on Ms. Snider's overwhelming victory in the primary election, we believe the council's action was appropriate.


cyclone1 said...

Congratulations to Ms. Snider on her overwhelming victory in the primary election.
For the remaining two seats on the council, I'm undecided between Joe, Lou and/or Matt but wish all the candiates the best of luck.

Eleanor said...

Mary is a breath of fresh air. She is no nonsense and a straight shooter. I like that. Wish her the best of luck as our newest council member!

I've spoken to all of the candidates, except Emmons. I like Lou and Joe for the other seats. Matthew has a bright future, but not sure this is the right time.

Thank you Mayor Loomis and K.C. Carter for your service.

Ann said...

Excellent. Four Democrats and three women on the Council!

Jay D said...

Eleanor I agree wholeheartedly with you...Mary Snider wil be a valuable asset on the council. Lou and Joe are the best candidates to fill the remaining two council seats. Hopefully, Matt will spend some time in the next several years volunteering on different boards to gain the necessary experience to run again down the road.

The Zee Man said...

Personally, I don't know the lady.

I certainly hope she "lives up" to the enthusiasm you guys have for her.

Kathy Pastryk said...

Congratulations to Mary. I want to say that I like Matt Rabb for one of the seats. His being young is an advantage. He is smart, he's a lawyer, he grew up and went to schools in this area. I would think he has a little different point of view compared to the rest. Matt has to get his start somewhere -- OV could use some young blood. :)

Jay D said...

Matt would be a breath of fresh air, but not yet. The town needs a council member with more experience and knowledge now, especially during these difficult economic times. Four years down the road, after Matt gets some much-needed experience, I would definitely consider him. In my opinion, the only candidates who truly would be competent and capable enough to serve successfully are Joe Hornat and Lou Waters.

Ann said...

Um, what experience does Lou Waters have with the town?

The Zee Man said...

Does Lou Waters have any experience other than being in the broadcasting business?

OinStarr said...

What experience does Emmons, Rabb and Hornat have?

Sorry I tried to stay on topic, but Zeeman asked a question.

Zev Cywan said...

Lou Waters could not have won at least 7 awards plus an Emmy for his 20+ years in international journalistic work without having and developing incredible insight as well as superb analytical prowess. Mr. Waters is a quiet unassuming individual who has no axe to grind; he merely qualifies for Council based on his PROVEN abilities and thus, I believe he will adapt to the responsibilities of Council quite well.

Matt Raab is one of the finest young persons I have had the pleasure of meeting and hearing in forums. His answers to questions are contrite and meaningful but I believe he should 'experience' a bit more before being 'seated'.

As for Emmons, no comment!

Yes, I too am aware that my post is 'off topic', but as 'Oin Starr' qualified, Zee Man 'opened the door'.

Kathy Pastryk said...

Zev, with all due respect, I don't think Matt Rabb has anything to be contrite about...I think you meant concise! :) I agree with your other comments.

Zev Cywan said...

Kathy, thank you for the correction as you are right; I utilized the wrong word - I did mean concise!

The Zee Man said...

Off topic? Me? Well, I guess a bit.

But this is good dialogue.

Rather than spending hours arguing about why someone is not a good candidate it s refreshing that our bloggers tell us why someone is a good candidate.

Thanks for the feedback on Lou Waters, Zev.

I asked the question about Lou Waters merely to get the conversation started. I simply wanted to know more about his career. It was a benign question. The answer is that he has spent his career in journalism and that he has no other experience. He is a "decorated journalist" in an industry where, in my opinion, the "decorations" come easy. He has been an observer; not a participant. As a result, he does not know what it really feels like to make the important decisions that affect the people.

Young Matthew may be short on experience, Zev, but it is real world experience. He is not out there observing and commenting on what others do, like a news reporter; rather, he's out there making it happen.

To me, a few years of real world experience are more significant that experience based on watching and reporting on what other people have done.

And I do find it rather odd that the only reason people can find for not supporting Matthew is that hes "young". Well, maybe a bit of "young", innovating thinking is exactly what one voice on Council should bring.

Zev Cywan said...

Ah, Zee Man, but Lou Waters HAS been embedded in the 'mix'. One only has to review the extent of his involvement as an anchor, a reporter, his 'involvement' in politics, etc. to see that he is (was) no ordinary 'journalist'. So,it is thus that I have faith that he would do an excellent job as a Council Member in Oro Valley and would be independent of outside influences regardless that he has been endorsed by several entities.

Matt Rabb has an excellent insight into the issues that face our Community; and, if elected, I do believe that he would do an excellent job. His 'youth' is refreshing and I do hope that, if elected, he will receive the same respect that others might command. I also believe that he, too, would remain independent from 'outside' influences no matter the 'backing' that he receives.

So, in conclusion, either of these two are great candidates (my opinion) and since they are the only persons mentioned in depth within this stream I will leave the other two candidates out of it. I give an edge to Mr. Waters over Matt Rabb because he has 'seen it all'.

And yes, Zee Man, isn't it nice to have a relaxed, informative, and non-contentious 'conversation' for a change.

OinStarr said...

While Lou Waters and Matt Rabb are the only two mentioned in detail, and I did ask the question, "what experience does Emmons, Rabb and Hornat have" - Hornat did not get a mention.

I read that he is vice chair of the Planning and Zoning commission and that he attends town council meetings. Does that qualify as experience? Would that make him a great candidate also (Zev's words)?

artmarth said...

All one need do is read the responses (posted previously from The Explorer)from the four remaining council candidates to determine many of their positions.

To a great extent, it is those responses that have us supporting Dr. Don Emmons & Matt Rabb.

The choices are clear. Do you vote for someone that may have knocked on your door, or do you vote for someone that is of the same mind set as far as what is best for Oro Valley.

That should determine which two get elected.

The same criteria should be used in electing a mayor. Once again, that is why we support Mike Zinkin for mayor.

Zev Cywan said...

I think it is rather silly that 'artmarth' asks "do you vote for someone who has knocked at your door or do you vote for someone who is of the same mind set as far as what is best for Oro Valley". Hunh? The only person who has gained 'attention' by 'knocking' at someone's door is Dr. Don Emmons who knocked at 'artmarth's' door, was 'invited' in, and thus became 'artmarth's' candidate of choice.

The rest of us - Mike Zinkin, Joe Hornat, Lou Waters, Mary Snider, (possibly Matt and Don, too), myself, and others, did walk block after block, passing out literature, talking with the folk, learning and exchanging thoughts, etc. In fact, it is my understanding that Mike Zinkin received one of the highest percentages of the vote in my subdivision, Sun City Vistoso; I walked about 300 homes, Mike and his wife walked many, many hundreds, and I and others, walked Sun City for Salette Latas in the past election. So, Mr. Segal, your 'slam' on 'knocking on doors vote getting' as being a negative is absolutely without merit. I guess, according to your post, 'artmarth', support obtained by pounding the pavement are worthless and ignorant votes.

I don't think so!!!

Zev Cywan said...

"Do you vote for someone that may have knocked on your door or do you vote for someone that is of the same mind set as far as what is best for Oro Valley"? This is a silly statement, 'artmarth'. There were many who went door to door - Mike Zinkin, Joe Hornat, Lou Waters, Mary Snider, (probably Matt Raab as well as perhaps Don Emmons), myself, Mike Zinkins wife, Geri Ottobani, Michelle Saxer, (others), et al, who spoke with the folk, probably influenced some, and were able to 'get' votes for our candidates. Do you dismiss these 'door gotten' votes as rubbish? Do you think that anyone who does not tow YOUR party line is not FOR Oro Valley? There is only one candidate who knocked at anyone's door in order to become same; that was Don Emmons who knocked at yours and was welcomed 'inside'.

I did not vote for anyone because they might have knocked at my door and I expect that others did not either. The candidates of MY choice have been and are Mike Zinkin, Mayor, Joe Hornat, Lou Waters, and Mary Snider (elected); I chose them because I know their true character and I know what they have done for the community already or that they can do an excellent job for same, even though I might disagree with them on certain issues.

But, just because they knocked on doors? C'mon.