Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Geri Ottoboni Tells It Like It Is---We Need Mike Zinkin For Oro Valley Mayor

Here is Geri Ottoboni's letter to The Explorer. We couldn't agree more.

Being the mayor of OV is a full-time commitment

I was surprised and upset. Guess I should have not been, but to read in The Explorer that Mary Snider under the auspices of the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce stated that we should vote for Lou Waters, Joe Hornat and Dr. Satish Hiremath.

Dr. Hiremath, who only attended town council meetings when he needed $60,000 for GOVAC, has actually stated that he does not like attending town council meetings. He has not even attended a Citizens Planning Institute, which is required for commission and boards and anything to do with the running of the Town of Oro Valley. He has not held a position on a board or commission. So I am puzzled, as to why he would want to be mayor. It is a full-time job.

Mike Zinkin, on the other hand, has attended two citizen planning institutes, been on boards and commissions, and has conducted town meetings. The only thing he has not done is to state that the town council needs to give money to the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce and TREO. He is a kind of "wait and see" guy.

These groups need to prove what they can do, not have "carte blanche" with the town's finances.

Geri Ottoboni, Oro Valley


Desert Voice said...

Bravo, Geri!

At a Candidate forum Hiremath said that he doesn't attend Council meetings because he gets too upset at what goes on. If the process of the meetings and the key players' positions bother him so much, how will this change if he is elected when he will have to attend? Sounds like a boiler maker to me!

Agreed: Zinkin has more hands on experience with TOV than Hiremath.

But for me, Zinkin's ability to engage people of differing views to build consensus is what sets him apart. Politics combine policies and process. Loomis' loss says voters care about "process" and want constituent input valued more. In addition, Zinkin has time available to do that without the constraints of four children and booming dental practice.

Mary Snider,a Democrat, demonstrated by her support of Hiremath, Hornat and Waters, Republicans, that she holds no loyalty to her party. With her outstanding leadership in the Prom alternative, I'm disappointed with her choices. She worked, studied the issues, but shows shortsightedness as you well pointed out.

Nombe Watanabe said...

D. Voice:

Regarding the last paragraph of your posting:

What does "party loyalty" have to do with small town elections? We need good, hard working members who will vote on the issues, not some national agenda.

As a third generation Republican who saw how 8 years of "party loyalty" under the Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz axis ruined our country, I would hope that Oro Valley remains divorced from both parties.


Eleanor said...
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Eleanor said...

Sounds like Ms. Ottoboni won't be supporting Don Emmons - because he too has a job and doesn't attend council meetings. Or maybe she does support Emmons and, like Art Segal, didn't think before speaking and will have trouble reconciling the conflict in criteria.

Also, I'm sure supporters of Hiremath, Waters, and Hornat would like to thank Ms. Ottoboni for pointing out to readers that Mary Snider, the woman who received a massive amount of votes in Oro Valley, endorses Dr. Hiremath for Mayor and Lou Waters and Joe Hornat for Town Council.

Surely that endorsement will only help.


Desert Voice said...


Snider's choices, ie. Hiremath, who attended TOV meeting once to ask for more funds for GOVAC, with a million dollar professional practice not a business, who has four children, but is unmarried; Waters, charming, accomplished, describes himself as a journalist "not a politician", KC's age peer; Hornat,regular attendee at TOV meetings, on committees but who can't give a straight answer- yes, these. her choice candidates, may make voters question the depth of Snider's political insight.

Repeat: her accomplishment with schools is outstanding. In the educational arena Snider stands tall. Schools need her skills to do more for the children, our most precious resource.

Town politics present different dynamics. How prudent was it for her to kiss male voters during the campaign? We talk about male politicians kissing babies, not female voters.If a male candidate did that to his female voters, there would be talk, if not, an uproar. What does that say about her judgment?


Are you aware that Snider appeared at a Sun City Dem Meeting soliciting votes from her party and presented her positions differently to them than as at a wider candidate forum?

Snider swung both ways to get elected. In short, she pandered to Dems for their vote, presenting herself as "one of them".

Yes, Snider just demonstrated what can happen in a bi-partisan election.

For the record, Nombe, I concur with you that those who vote only their party can err. FYI I'm a registered independent and access candidates on their merits.

Eleanor said...

Desert Voice - Loving this debate...

Its not a "bi-partisan" election. It is actually a "non-partisan" election. Big difference.

Your feelings about Snider are clearly in the minority and a little late. Maybe you didn't see the election results, but Snider was elected in a blow out. I heard she received more votes than any candidate in Oro Valley history - but I admittedly don't know how to check that - I'm more than sure someone will correct it if I am wrong. Either way - it was a lot.

Also, maybe other women reading this blog are curious, but I found your comment about "kissing" odd. Before you make a woman out to be the town whore, you might want to consider whether whatever you may have seen was circumstantial or maybe there was a context to the relationship... I seriously doubt Mary Snider was running around "kissing" random male voters... But, maybe that explains the blowout on the election numbers - either way, I'll let you think about it more because its over and obviously people didn't care.

Also, for an "independent voter" you sure do care a lot about partisanship in this 'non-partisan' election. Why would you want to dwell on partisanship when your candidate (Zinkin) is the only candidate to take partisan money. He has taken LOTS of money from the Democratic Party. Maybe you don't know this, but Oro Valley is full of Republicans that vote, actually they outnumber Democrats. (whisper: you might want to keep it down on the partisanship stuff because its not good for your guy...).

Lastly, I happen to like that there is a group of people from different political backgrounds that get along and want to work together. Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It would sure be a change from the current council and the national politics. I'm all for it and hope it happens. So that's why I will be supporting Hiremath, Waters and Hornat. I want a mixed bag of views with people that keep it civil.

Thank you.

Desert Voice said...


Why are you allowing your condescending, sarcastic attitude show? It seems incorrect from someone who feels she works with everyone?

Or it the postin hit a nerve?

freedom fighters said...

Snider reminds me of Nancy Pelosi; sorry, but that's my impression. Too late to do anything about it. Hope Snider is NOT a Nancy Pelosi knockoff.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


The fact that Snider and Loomis agreed on just about everything at the candidate forums, followed by Loomis receiving the LEAST amount of votes in the Mayoral race and Snider receiving the MOST votes in the council race, tells me that the voters did not elect her based on her views, but rather she was elected based on her popularity with the "school crowd."

Then the first thing she does once elected is to publicly announce that everyone should vote for Hiremath, Waters and Hornat. That means that Snider believes that those 3 candidates share her views.

So if you REALLY want "a mixed bag of views" you wouldn't be voting for the 3 candidates that Snider is endorsing. Snider isn't supporting those candidates because their views DIFFER from hers. She supports them because they have the SAME VIEWS!

So if you REALLY want a "mixed bag," you would vote for Zinkin or Rabb or Emmons to work alongside Snider.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Let's put it all in the proper perspective. REMEMBER that Geri Ottoboni was the same woman who thought that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the elected sheriff of Pinal County. Geri Ottoboani is the same woman whe dressed up to hide her identity while protesting against the Mayor on El Conquistador Way.
She acts as a 'straw-mouth' for Segal and the Blog.

She is not a credible woman.

PS....She is a Republican (RINO) who strongly supports the Democratic supported Zinkin.

travelling dancer said...


Poor dear, you must be getting to that age where individuals become forgetful. These items that you mentioned about Miss Ottoboani were addressed in previous postings.

Oh and did it ever occur to you that Dr. Hiremath might be a RINO?

artmarth said...

Can anyone recall a comment by Cox where he didn't denigrate me or another who does not share his warped views?

It wouldn't even be that bad, if Cox was truthful, but that may be asking too much.

For those that may not be aware, the women that protested the Loomis State of the Town speech went out of their way to hide their identy. That is why they were very pleased to be interviewed on sight by a local TV channel.

Just more gibberish from Cox----but we expect nothing else from him.

Jay D said...

The comments on this post are truly laughable!

Desert Voice: You saw Mary Snider kissing male voters? OMG! Did you consider that she was kissing and acknowledging friends or are you implying that she kissed every male she ran into? Absurd. This is absolutely a non-partisan race and a position on the town council is also non-partisan. I agree with Nombe and Eleanor...I respect any candidate who is open minded enough to examine the issues and side with people who support issues that are favorable to our town, not just side with his/her party. Too bad posters on this site and our country can not see that!

Artmarth, you said this: "Can anyone recall a comment by Cox where he didn't denigrate me or another who does not share his warped views?"

Hard to understand why you can attack and criticize Cox for denigrating you, but you continually do the same to him. It's definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

Eleanor said...

Desert Voice - Truly sorry if I came off as condescendingly sarcastic. What you're reading is frustration with this blog's repeated bias and unfair framing of people and issues.

Also, re-read my post you are referring to - I never said I work well with everyone. I did say I support candidates that get along with each other and are from different political backgrounds. Thought it was pretty clear. Asked the 5th grade neighbor girl to read it. She got it. (sorry, there's the condescending sarcasm again...). I'm guessing you're tough-skinned and can laugh it off.

Victorian Cowgirl - Snider received most of her votes in Sun City. Not quite the "school crowd." As for the rest of your post's wildly swerving train of thought, it defies a response.

Artmarth - Regarding your post about Cox, Jay D has a point. That is about as 'Pot calling kettle' as it gets.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


First you claim to be "truly sorry" if you sounded condescending or sarcastic, then you go on to accuse Desert Voice of not comprehending your prior post and informing her that you "asked the 5th grade neighbor girl to read it" and that SHE understood it. Yeah, your "truly sorry" comment was soooo sincere! Apparently, being condescending and sarcastic is the only form of communication of which you are capable.

My point about Snider's popularity with the school crowd was not just that she received a lot of votes due to her popularity with THEM, but also that she had NAME RECOGNITION as a result. Just who do you think lives in Sun City anyway? Many of those people are the grandparents of children in our schools. Therefore, THEY TOO have heard all about Snider from their own sons and daughters.

I noticed you argued my Snider "school crowd" argument because you THOUGHT you had an answer for it, but when you DIDN'T have an answer for my "mixed bag of views" comment, you tried to brush it off as being a "wildly swerving train of thought."

Really? You couldn't follow a simple statement that voting for the candidates that Snider endorses means that you WON'T be getting the mixed bag of views that you claim to want?

Perhaps you should run my post by your 5th grade neighbor. I'll bet SHE'LL understand it!!!

Oh, I'm sorry, was that sarcastic and condescending? Well, at least it guarantees that you'll understand it.

OinStarr said...


Mary Snider's public endorsement of the three candidates says to me that she recognizes the individuals that want what is best for Oro Valley. I think that might be the same view she has.

Am I getting a vibe that the the "school crowd" is being put in a different class according to the VC theory thing. If you looked around OV on your way out of town to spend your money, you would notice there are families here. I suspect the parents of the "school crowd" would like to protect their future. They trust Mary Snider and respect her opinion.

Eleanor said...

Victorian Cowgirl - You are truly one of my favorite LOVE blog posters. Second only to Artmarth. Please keep up the sarcasm - I'm a big fan of it - as you can see.

I do admit your previous comments about the "mixed bag" were hard for me to follow. So, per your request, I asked the 5th grade neighbor girl to read your comment. Here is her response, sent via text message:

"After working through the author's haze of questionable assumptions, general crimes against letter capitalization, and staggering ignorance of basic facts, I was able to see the author does flirt with reality on at least one occasion. However, this is more likely a chance event (statistical analysis to follow) than a result of even rudimentary lucidity."

Looks like she didn't see your point either. What can I say? kids... But feel free to try to explain it to us again.


travelling dancer said...


You were correct, when you stated that you had more experience and involvement with Boards and Commissions in the Town of Oro Valley than Dr. Hiremath. Then, why didn't you fill out forms in September to run for Office?

With reference to the Air Traffic Controller allowing his 5 yr. old child to come to work with him, I am sure that when he is fired, that he could get a job as a Realtor.


Apparently. the only way you can express yourself is to be "sarcastic". You are making reference to these individuals as being of different viewpoints, so apparently you did not attend any of the Forums. It was obvious that they were little carbon copies of each other. For an example , I was at the Chistmas Tree lighting asking questions of
Lou Waters and Mary Snyder kept answering for him. It also happened when others asked questions as well. It was as though he did not have an opinion of his own, which surprised me under the circumstances. Also it looked as though Mary was passing some written prompts to him at one of the Forums. Don't get me wrong, he is delightfully entertaining, but as he stated "He is not a Politican"

Zev Cywan said...

Mary Snider won a lot of votes in Sun City for the same reason that Mike Zinkin did same - they both worked the area by knocking on doors and in many instances interacting with the folk. As for the assumption, VC, that [Mary Snider has (had) name recognition in Sun City because they (we) are the grandparents of children in our schools]is a fallacious assumption. I know, I live here and most of the residents came here from out of the area and do NOT have children, let alone grandchildren living in the area!

I'm seeing a lot of trivia in the streams as of late. It seems as if a conclusion is reached first and then the arguments are formulated to fit them; 'Logic 1-A' refutes this type of 'reason'.

Nombe Watanabe said...

ZEV, finally, you have distilled the true nature of blogging:

'It seems as if a conclusion is reached first and then the arguments are formulated to fit them; 'Logic 1-A' refutes this type of 'reason'.:

Well done Grasshopper.

Victorian Cowgirl said...


You should ask your imaginary 5th grade neighbor this question:

"If I vote for three candidates who are little carbon copies of each other, will I be likely to get a mixed bag of views?"

And you won't get anywhere trying to blame my writing skills for your lack of comprehension. I got straight A's in English and have had many articles published. I have also edited articles submitted to medical journals. My writing skills are just fine, thank you.

You either have poor reading comprehension skills or you simply "pretend" not to understand something whenever you don't have a rebuttal for it.

Travelling Dancer,

Loved your "little carbon copies" line so much that I just had to use it in responding to Eleanor. :)

Desert Voice said...


Hard to blog have an open discussion with Eleanore whose writing suggests that she, or is Eleanore a he?, may need some anger management training. Thank you for pointing out E's inconsistency or sarcasm in "apologizing" to me.

You and your writing suggest you have a fine intellect, astute observations, a finetuned skill with words and are eminently a lady.

Yes, your observation that name recognition for Snider would be strong in Sun City because of her work in schools. SC's volunteer police force, without "the three bears" authorizing it, emailed many residents urging them to vote for the three carbon copies.

Attendees at forums noticed the alarming speed with which #2 or #3 would concur with what "Joe", "Lou" or "Mary" said even before the sentence was finished. Observed dining with Loomis and a party of thirty or so at The Loop prior to the primary, we might even move to calling them triplets. One might allege, they were born of the same political father and mother.

Curious that no one has elected to debate on this blog, the merits of #2 or #3, nor to vouch for their independent thinking, nor to present which particular gift they would bring to council service to round out the Council.

Sometimes silence says more than speech.

Eleanor said...

Vicky Cowgirl - Before you accuse me of having a reading comprehension problem, you might want to re-read my post. Then re-read your post because as much as we liked hearing your resume, it wasn't your writing skills that were cited as giving us trouble. Rather, it was your incredible lack of logic that made your post hard to follow. As my 5th grade neighbor girl points out, your argument rests upon wild assumptions and ignores basic facts. That has nothing to do with "writing skills" and everything to do with the ability to reason.

As OVOT and Nombre point out, many of the regular bloggers have trouble with basic reasoning.

But really, let's move on.

Dessert Voice - Not anger, you just obviously have trouble with my sarcasm. I find your speculation about my gender humorous - particularly since you have an androgynous alias. Maybe I'll just call you Pat.

Also - who exactly is #2 and who exactly is #3? Would love to elaborate on that more. Aside from being hilarious references to pooh and diarrhea, respectably, did you know that in the Austin Powers movies, the part of #2 was played by the incredible Robert Wagner. Later in the series, a much younger #2 was played by the surprisingly funny Rob Lowe... If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend the entire series, though #1 and #2 are my favorites...

Oh wait. Is #2 or #3 Mike Zinkin? Because he falls all over himself to agree with Mary Snider. When I saw him recently he kept saying, "I agree with Mary" or "What Mary said was right." He must be one of those "carbon copies" you guys are talking about. I heard he even showed up to Snider's swearing-in ceremony. So, I guess you guys won't be voting for Mike, since he's a carbon copy...

Thank you.

artmarth said...

Eleanor-- Let me reiterate.
For more than 2 years this blog operated quite well without any input from you.

You have recently seen fit to partake in the discussion, and in all due respect, you add absolutely NOTHING to anything.

Perhaps you should find another vehicle to berate others and make a feeble attempt to glorify your (most likely, fictious)5th grade neighbor.

Jay D said...

The problem is that Eleanor posts the truth and since that means rarely following the LOVE blog's recommendations, Art may not like that. Honestly, Eleanor's comments and sarcasm regarding other posters is mild compared to many who continue to berate and name call others.

I would suggest that we get back to "discussing" the candidates and their qualifications (or lack of them).

Nombe Watanabe said...

Eleanor is a fresh voice; a Spring flower blooming in our arid blog-o-sphere. She gives the OVO Thinker much needed support and counterpoint.

Oh how long did Thinker, like a voice in the wilderness, cry out with no response but a constant and sometimes well deserved head thump from Art.

Now we are developing some diversity. I continue to be impressed by much of the discussion in recent days. Both sides have made good points.

I still support the zinger! If you want to blog, you gotta zing when provoked.


artmarth said...

Diverse opions are, and always have been welcome.

"Zingers" are, for the most part not adding anything.

Berating others serves no psitive point.

I endorse the comment by Jay D---"I would suggest that we get back to "discussing" the candidates and their qualifications (or lack of them)."

I believe most of our readers would agree.

Why not try and follow that credo?

Victorian Cowgirl said...


(1) "It wasn't your writing skills that were cited as giving us trouble."

The words, "general crimes against letter capitalization" refer to writing skills. Of course, if either you or your imaginary friend had any reading comprehension skills, you would know that the caps were used for EMPHASIS.

(2) "Staggering ignorance of basic facts."

You have a staggering ignorance of basic spelling and basic English.

The "desert" is where we live. "Dessert" is chocolate cake.

"Aside from being hilarious references to pooh and diarrhea, respectably..."

The word you want is "respectively." Just another thing you didn't know. But I'm the one with the staggering ignorance.

(3) I noticed that you opted not to ask your imaginary friend this question: "If I vote for three candidates who are little carbon copies of each other, will I be likely to get a mixed bag of views?"

What's the matter, Eleanor? Afraid of the answer you would get?

(4) You asked Desert Voice, "who exactly is #2 and who exactly is #3?" Once again, you lack reading comprehension skills. I had no trouble figuring out to whom DV was referring. More evidence that it is YOU who lacks comprehension skills.

Eleanor, if you can't offer anything BESIDES sarcasm, then you don't offer anything.

This is my last post on this stream. Have a nice weekend with your imaginary friend.

Jay D said...

Wow Victorian Cowgirl...Maybe you skipped Art's post right before yours, but just to remind you, he said:

"Berating others serves no psitive point.

I endorse the comment by Jay D---"I would suggest that we get back to "discussing" the candidates and their qualifications (or lack of them)."

"I believe most of our readers would agree."

Apparently, you feel that attacking others, in this case, Eleanor, is a constructive way to have a discussion on this blog. Or maybe, you have nothing positive to add about your candidate(s).

Your comment, "Eleanor, if you can't offer anything BESIDES sarcasm, then you don't offer anything,"

could be aimed at yourself, just change the name to Victorian Cowgirl and replace "sarcasm" with "attacks."

I strongly suggest that the name calling, berating, negative comments cease and we begin an intelligent conversation...unless of course that's not possible on this blog!

artmarth said...

Jay D & all--- Perhaps Cowgirl's response to Eleanor might have been better if it preceded my comment, but, it was, in any case, a reaction, not an action.

More to the point, in response to your last sentence---
"I strongly suggest that the name calling, berating, negative comments cease and we begin an intelligent conversation...unless of course that's not possible on this blog!"---let me concur with the first part, and say this about the second part.

As blogmasters we will do a better job of deleting the "personal attacks" comments made by ANYONE.

I'll repeat one more time what you (Jay D) noted in a prior comment---
"I would suggest that we get back to "discussing" the candidates and their qualifications (or lack of them)."

Those that can't follow this simple credo will find their comments in the "deleted comment" file.


Desert Voice said...

Eleanore, Jay D, Nombe,

What positive statements are you offering about Waters and Hornat?

The silence is deafening.


"Eleanore" may be over reacting to a learning problem of hers/his". No one on this blog that I can recall has ever attacked another for a perceived reading or writing disablitly as does "Eleanore"...Also, no one else has ever labelled a newly elected councilwoman as a "whore". Makes one wonder.

Back to the what about Hornat and Waters?

Nombe Watanabe said...

Artmarth said:

"As blogmasters we will do a better job of deleting the "personal attacks" comments made by ANYONE."

Well, Art, you will spend a lot of time deleting yourself. You and Cox (OVOT) spend more time head bumping than anything else.


artmarth said...

Nombe--- Why not look ahead instead of the rear view mirror?

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Jay D,

You begin your post with, "Berating others serves no positive point."

You end your post with, "I strongly suggest that the name calling, berating, negative comments cease and we begin an intelligent conversation."

However, in between those two comments, you did nothing but berate and offer negative comments.

Apparently, in your world of twisted logic, it's OK for you and Eleanor to berate others. It's just wrong when someone else does it to YOU.

I only use "sarcasm and attacks" on people who've chosen to use them on me FIRST, because when they do so, they've indicated the level at which they are capable of conversing. Trying to have a mature conversation with an immature person is like trying to reason with a drunk. It can't be done.

In response to your comment, "Apparently, you feel that attacking others, in this case, Eleanor, is a constructive way to have a discussion on this blog."

Wrong. What I actually feel is that using sarcasm is the ONLY WAY to have a discussion WITH ELEANOR. Sarcasm is the ONLY language she understands. One cannot have a mature, intelligent debate with Eleanor because Eleanor is infantile.

I've been blogging on this site for years, and if you've been reading my posts for that length of time, you would know that "attacking others" is not my M.O. I discuss and debate issues in an intelligent and rational manner. However, when dealing with bloggers who offer nothing but sarcasm and nonsense, I give them the "respect" they deserve.

If sarcasm and attacks are wrong, then they're also wrong when Eleanor subscribes to them, yet you defend her, and as such, you have no credibility.

You also claim that my comment, "Eleanor, if you can't offer anything BESIDES sarcasm, then you don't offer anything," could be aimed at myself.

Really? Read it again. I said that Eleanor doesn't offer anything BESIDES sarcasm. As an example of acceptable sarcasm vs. non-acceptable sarcasm, Nombe uses sarcasm quite frequently, but he also offers intelligent reasoned discussion along with it, as do I and many others on this site. And that's why Nombe's comments are always a pleasure to read, sarcastic wit and all.

Eleanor offers ONLY sarcasm (and now movie reviews). It's just laughable really.

Jay D said...

Oh dear, Victorian Cowgirl...I have tried to remain objective and neutral when reading this blog, something many others are unable to do. From an objective perspective, your attack on Eleanor and on me was/is totally uncalled for. The attacks are based on miscommunication and lack of understanding of specific sarcasm and blog comments. Personally, I think you did not read my comments well or missed my point, but there's no reason to continue this back and forth nonsense.

Again, I repeat...let's get back to discussing the value (or lack thereof) of the remaining candidates and knock off the middle school fighting!

Desert Voice said...

Jay D, Eleanore, Nombe,

Please help me understand why you think Waters and Hornat should be elected?

travelling dancer said...

Eleanor, Jay D and Nombe Watanaba, why have you not answered Desert Voice's question? Are you
"puppets" voting for these "carbon copies"? You have yet to say why these gentlemen should be on the Town Council.

How many times does Desert Voice have to ask the same question? Is it because the Chamber is closed today and you can't confer with anyone? Are you members of the Chamber and voting for them, because they are telling you that these are the candidates of choice?
I am just trying to clear this up and move forward with this dialogue.

Nombe Watanabe said...


If you review the above postings. You will find that I have not joined the fray regarding ANY of the candidates you list.

To Wit:

Comment 1 - I expressed the hope that national party affiliation would not intrude on small town elections.

Comment 2 - I congratulated Zev upon his discovery of the true nature of blogging.

Comment 3 - I praised blog diversity.

Commet 4 - A zinger directed at Art.

In fact, if you wished to review my comments since the present election circus started you would find that I have ONLY stated the following.

"I am against the LACK axis - which ousted the Town Manager without explanation."

"I am against Mr. Loomis in particular."

"I support Mr.Zinkin"

"I voted for Mr. Rabb"

That is it. Please do in include me with Eleanor and Jay D. While I support their free speech, I have not posted any support for their views. Whatever they may be.

You will find my participation on this blog to be focused on comic relief, cooking, music and the promotion of ZINGERS.

Thank you and good night. - NW

artmarth said...

Nombe---I think your analysis is pretty accurate.

Now, if I can only get you to eliminate your "zingers" directed at me------.

travelling dancer said...

Well, Nombe Watanabe, I am sorry. I stand corrected. At least you had the gonads to answer desert voice. Still you didn't completely answer whom you are voting for of the triplets and WHY?

It is obvious to me these other two are Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce Puppets, that need the puppeteer to pull the strings and they need to wait until tomorrow for the office to open. Then we will hear maybe, Why..?

Nombe Watanabe said...

I think I will vote for a write in candidate.

1. Nombe Watanabe.

2. Saddam Hussein.

Rationale. Nombe is such a fine fellow.

Saddam was the Tito (look it up) of the Middle East.

Anyone care to disagree?

OV Objective Thinker said...

NW....I think I would like to see you operate for a few years on the TC. It may be a hoot.

Nombe Watanabe said...

To kick off each meeting I would lead the TC in song (after the pledge):

Some suggested titles:

Pink Floyd: "The Wall" (AZ Republican version)
We don't need no education....

NWA: "Fear of a Black Planet" (AZ Democrat version)
Fu**k da Po-lice.

To quote the Beatles: Sgt Pepper's LHCB --
"A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All"