Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oro Valley Financial Woes --A "Miniture Phoenix" With Food Tax Coming???

Please read Dr. Byron Slomach's column from The Goldwater Institute. Does it sound a lot like Oro Valley's recent history of financial irresponsibility under Mayor Loomis?


Oro Valley Mom said...

I wonder how many of the six who voted for the tax were endorsed by police and fire unions?

Oro Valley Mom said...

Well, here's a hint: one council member who voted against the tax was NOT endorsed by the police union:

Zev said...

Gee whiz, is this a surprise? Apparently some memories are too short to remember that the OV Council voted to retain a utility tax which was supposed to be temporary, was supposed to sunset, and was a tax initiated to fund 6 temporary police officers (as I recall it) which the OVPD et al fought to retain. Now there is talk of an increase in the tax on utilities, food, services, ad infinitem. Why? These are taxable entities that apparently do not need voter approval unlike (even the risky mention of) a possible urgency for a maybe 'property tax' down the road.

Just to clarify: I am not pro property tax, I'm just a realist. History shows that proclamations of 'no new taxes ABSOLUTELY' usually make liars out of politicians - "read my lips".