Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Explorer "Hedges Its Bet" On Oro Valley Election

We really don't blame Dave Perry, Explorer editor & publisher for not coming right out and endorsing any candidates in the upcoming Oro Valley election.

Mr. Perry knows who and what supports his newspaper. It's one word only: "Advertising."

It would be foolhardy of the Explorer to endorse our candidate of choice, Mike Zinkin for Mayor.


Because Mike has been "painted" by the opposition as being "business unfriendly." NOTHING could be further from the truth. Mike is NOT "business unfriendly." Mike is a friend of the people of Oro Valley, and unlike Loomis & Hiremath, Mike will not use our tax dollars supporting the likes of the Chamber of Commerces. As Perry points out,The Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce has come out strongly for Hiremath. Loomis got the endorsement of the Tucson Chamber of Commerce.

Mike Zinkin gets our endorsement. Why? Because Mike will NOT be beholden to ANY Special Interest Group.

For Council, we reiterate ----our ONLY choice is Dr. Don Emmons---supported by NO Special Interest Group. Dr. Don,like Mike, will be beholden to ONLY the people of Oro Valley.

We agree with Dave Perry on one thing---We all should vote!

Here's The Explorer editorial.


OVDad said...

If they endorsed him, would he still not be endorsed by any special interest groups? Think before you write.

artmarth said...

OVDad--- Just thought you'd like to know that you've added much to this blog since you decided to offer your comments.

I'm sure almost all our readers will agree with my assessment.

Oh! By the way, newspapers or other media have in the past endorsed candidates in elections.
If I'm not mistaken, this practice has been ongoing for a few hundred years.

Talk about, nonsensical comments!