Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did Anybody Lose A Young Black Female Labrador Mix???

Nancy Young Wright sent us, and I'm sure, many others the following email. We thought we might help in finding the dog's owner.


Please share this notice with your friends and lists:


Female Labrador mix found during the week of Feb. 1st at Calle Concordia and Loma Linda/ La Canada area, which is right on the Southern Border of Oro Valley. She is solid black with a white dash under her throat and on her chest.

She is not microchipped but does have a collar with a name tag. The phone number listed on the tag has been disconnected.

She had been roaming the area for several days and was nearly hit by a car before kind neighbors took her in. They are seeking our assistance in finding her family or in finding her a new forever home as they cannot keep her.

Here is what we know about her:

She seems to be young; about one year old. She is in excellent physical condition.

She sits on command , shakes hands and twirls for treats. She seems to have been an indoor dog and is very good in the house. We are guessing she is someone’s cherished pet!

She has a calm nature. It’s unknown if she does well with other dogs but she seems to like the cats in the rescue household.

If you can help to either find her family or to consider adopting her, please call

Charlotte and Dick Holt at 297-0582 or email them at:

Thank you for your time and your kindness in passing this on.

Nancy Young Wright



OV Objective Thinker said...

A few clicks on the computer and I was able to let Ms. Holt the name associated with the telephone number. Don't know if it will help but she has the info,


freedom fighters said...

Thinker, you beat me to the punch. I hope something comes out of skiptracing the phone number.

OV Objective Thinker said...


As a matter of fact, the cell belonged to an individual with a listed address of a duplex in S. Tucson. I don't hold much hope of ever contacting him.