Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Al Kunisch Resigns From Oro Valley Council

Council Member Al Kunisch announced tonight that he is resigning from the Oro Valley Town Council effective immediately.

This is the 2nd resignation of a sitting Council Member in the last 4 months. As most of us probably recall, Paula Abbott abruptly resigned her position in Nov.

That only leaves Mayor Loomis & Council Member Carter of the four who were responsible for terminating our Town Manager, David Andrews on Sept 23,2009.

Both Loomis & Carter are seeking reelection.

Isn't it time for a total house cleaning? Neither Loomis or Carter deserve the vote of any Oro Valley citizen.


John Martin said...

I realize the purveyors of this blog and its many loyal posters often have differed with Kunisch's politics (at times vehemently). Still, I'm somewhat surprised that the LOVE Blog community hasn't at least offered any words of sympathy for the man, considering his wife's ongoing battle with cancer -- the reason for his decision not to finish out his term, or, before that, to not seek re-election. In the rush to comment on this newfound opportunity to "clean house," the poster seems to have lost sight of the fact that Kunisch gave freely of his time to do what he could for the town (regardless of obvious political differences). It seems at least a tip of the hat is warranted for his years of service.

Christopher Fox said...

I hope nothing health or family-wise prompted this action, but can't help but wondering if this couldn't be yet another example of maneuvering for control of the Town Council, and hence the Town. With an ardent supporter of the incumbent mayor no longer on the council, especially one who avidly supported the PD, any candidate who applies critical thinking and rational analysis of the budgeting process as it directly relates to the PD will be vulnerable to campaigning tactics that would simultaneously promote candidates who do not. Since Mr. Kunisch's spot will need to be filled by appointment, well, fill in the blanks....

John Martin said...

To my understanding, Kunisch's wife is quite ill. He cited her ongoing battle with cancer as his reason for resigning (and before that, his reason for not seeking re-election). I would err on the side of taking the man at his word. Just me.

boobie-baby said...

Well-spoken, John. Let's keep a good thought for anyone who is dealing with serious illness, regardless of whether that person is a public official or not.

artmarth said...

I accept the comment by Mr. Martin and apologize to Mr. Kunisch, Mr Martin and anyone else that may have taken my posting as being "insensitive."

That was by no means my intention.

Without comparing what Mr. & Mrs. Kunisch are going through,the fact that our Town Manager was terminated unceremoniously,and has not yet found employment was the point I was trying to make.

It may have been better to note that fact at another time on another posting.

OinStarr said...

Get over David Andrews!!!!

Here is a man (AK) who has given up precious time with his wife to serve his community. Let him spend the time that is left with dignity.

There is no comparison to David Andrews circumstance and what the Kunisch'e are dealing with.

artmarth said...

OinStarr--- Don't tell me to get over what Loomis, Carter, Kunisch & Abbott did to David Andrews.

I said I did not compare David's situation with that of the Kunisch's, but who are you to know what these four put David through---which is ongoing?

I'm very sorry about Al & his wife's ordeal.

You aren't but I am also very sorry about David's ordeal, and Kunisch was responsible for that along with the other three.

Is that what you call "service to the community?"

OVDad said...

It absolutely baffles me how a) Art has not come out with a real apology and b) is not able to drop the comparison of having to deal with getting fired with having to deal with a wife that has terminal cancer. I am more than appalled. You come out saying

"I said I did not compare David's situation with that of the Kunisch's, but who are you to know what these four put David through"

Art, this IS A comparison. Shame on you.

Conny said...


Al’s sudden resignation is one of those times.

Al's wife Pam, has supported Al while he gave his time to serve Oro Valley in several capacities. Al served on the OV Historic Preservation Commission, Steam Pump Ranch Committtees, the Development Review Board, as a police volunteer and a Town Council Member.

Al and his wife are fine people that I will keep in my thoughts and prayers as they go through this very painful time in life together.

Thank you Al and Pam for giving so much to Oro Valley.

Nombe Watanabe said...


OV Objective Thinker said...

Art's initial posting and his follow-up are just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of his lack of class.

I greatly appreciate the nice comments made here and I know that Al will see them and feel your warmth.

I have known Al and his wife Pam for many years. They are good people.

The Zee Man said...

I was not aware of Al's personal situation.

I do wish him and his spouse the best.

And, yes, I thank him for his service to our community as I did when Paula resigned and as I will do when Paul Loomis hopefully leaves office in June.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Al for his service. Whether one agrees with his positions or not is immaterial at this point in time. He is dealing with a personal tragedy and I believe it helps him to know that he is in our thoughts and our prayers. PERIOD.