Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oro Valley Will Spend $46,000 To Find A Replacement Town Manager!

The following article from The Explorer points out that as a result of the FORCED resignation of our long term Manager David Andrews, the town expects to spend an additional $46,000 to have an outside firm help in finding a replacement.

Why was Mr. Andrews forced out of his job? Mayor Loomis says it was "Issues." The only issue is that Loomis & KC Carter were instrumental in perpetrating this unnecessary action.

Neither Loomis or Carter deserve any one's vote in the upcoming election.

Search for new manager is on

With little discussion, the council voted unanimously to begin the search for qualified firms that would help the town hire a new town manager.

The council chose to hire a firm that would conduct internal and external searches for a new manager. The process could stretch up to nine months.

It is anticipated the town would spend about $46,000 on the process.

The search for a new manager was predicated by the resignation of Town Manager David Andrews, who left Oro Valley employment in September 2009.

Since that time, Assistant Town Manager Jerene Watson has filled in on an interim basis.


Anonymous said...

i would bet that the "actual" expenditure will approach $100,000.
add to the fee from the outside firm of $46,000 the following:
1. relocation of chosen individual will cost $50,000. Cost to sell their home $25,000. Relocation expenses-- visits to purchase home, move household goods and family $20,000. Others and contingency $5000.

Unless the council expects a candidate to pay these expenses they should be considered part of the expense. Hopefully, we will pick the best candidate and that will likely reqire the payment of relocation expenses.

Nombe Watanabe said...

I would like to know why the former town manager was forced to resign. Why is OV now going to spend all of these tax dollars?

The remainder of the LACK cabal must be voted out of office and/or forced to sell their homes to pay for the
search and relocation of our new manager, who should think twice about the OV, given the TC's history.