Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Explorer's "Take" On Oro Valley's First Candidate's Forum

Dave Perry, Editor & Publisher of The Explorer offers his insight on the first Oro Valley Candidate's Forum.

Those that missed it might gain something from the article.

Read it here.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

Just had to point this out from the article since it addresses Zinkin's casual attire at the forum:

Zinkin "was dressed casually, doing so after a conversation with Loomis, who told him 'no one is going to show up. Dress casual.'" The crowd laughed.

Followed by this comment from Joe Hornat:

"I asked Paul, and he told me to dress casual," said Hornat, dressed formally. "I didn't believe him."

Now why would Loomis tell Hornat and Zinkin (and probably the others as well) to dress casually only to show up wearing a suit himself?

Sounds like back-stabbing to me. Anyone see a pattern here?

artmarth said...

Me thinks Mike spoke "tongue in cheek."

However, isn't it astounding that Cox has generated so much interest by bring out his biggest complaint about Mike Zinkin---his dress code.

Question to our readers:

Who would you rather have lead us as on June 2010---

1) Mayor Loomis who wore a suit to the forum and thinks we need a Property Tax, mainly because of his irresponsible fiscal policies over the last decade


2) Mike Zinkin, who dressed casually to an informal candidate forum BUT knows how to treat people, operate a fiscally sound government where our expenditures do NOT exceed our revenue.

Really, now----It's a "no brainer." Mike Zinkin must be our next mayor!