Thursday, December 3, 2009

Explorer Editor Says; It's "Proper To Talk" Referring To NWFD & GRFD

We would agree with Dave Perry, editor & publisher of The Explorer when he editorializes that it is "proper to talk," referring to the boards of NWFD & GRFD considering consolidaing the two fire districts.

Prior to Mr. Perry arriving in Oro Valley, GRFD & Rural Metro Fire Department also held talks.

The result of those talks cost 1000's of Oro Valley citizens hundreds of dollars a year as a result of increased fire service rates and the demise of Rural Metro as a fire service provider.

Any taxpayer that isn't concerned about these "consolidation talks," may ultimately find that their future fire service bills will once again escalate dramatically.

Read what Mr. Perry has to say here.


Fear the Turtle said...

It appears as though NWFD might have some problem with debt load, therefore, needs help in absorbing some of it's debt. GRFD might appear to absorb this debt once a merger takes place, but as we all know this debt will be passed onto the taxpayors.

Both NWFD and GRFD must open their books to the public so full disclosure is in place.

donjon5194 said...

Great point! We need to look at all the issues including the finances. Here is what I found looking at the Northwest website:

Take a look at the most recent Northwest Fire District CAFER. You can also go to click the finance link to get to the last three years of reports and their capital replacement plan.


artmarth said...

Hi donjohn---I couldn't help but notice that you are a first time blogger.

Welcome. I also couldn't help but notice you posted five (5) similiar comments on four postings on the potential consolidation of NWFD & GRFD.

You seem to be an avid supporter of this proposal. That's fine.

I was wondering if you might have some special interest in this particular issue, or are you just a concerned citizen looking to save the rest of us some money and achieve better service.

The Zee Man said...

donjon. Welcome to our blogoshpere!

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We moderate comments on all postings that are over 7 days old. We try to keep our content fresh. Posting a comment on an old posting(anything over 7 days) is likely not going to be seen by anyone and we want to know if such postings are occurring.

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