Wednesday, December 16, 2009

$8.2M From RTA For Wildlife Crossing

Congratulations to Carolyn Campbell Executive Director for The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. Her efforts to help protect the wildlife in our area has finally received the support it deserves.

The Regional Transportation Authority has given the go-ahead to spend $8.2 million to build one bridge and two tunnels for animals to use while traveling between the Santa Catalina and Tortolita mountain ranges.

Read The Explorer article here.


AzVicki said...

Wish they'd find some money for small businesses that desperately need it.

Zev said...

AzVicki, exactly what kind of PUBLIC money do you think PRIVATE small businesses should get in order to 'help' them out? Yes, we are in a VERY difficult economic slump, and, for the most part, that's a situation that is pervasive throughout the country. As a retired small business owner, no outside money ever came my way during tough times (and yes there were some doozies); I had to figure my own way up or out. Even in good times many (most?) start-ups and small businesses fail from poor business plans. I'm not a 'grinch', Vicki, but that's the way it is.

Zev said...

Oh, and by the way, Vicki, it appears that the 'corridors' are down the road so to speak and, as such, are banking on available monies at the time when the 'go-ahead' is in force. On the other hand, small business is in immediate need of a surge; what do you think can be done, NOW, in order to improve the small business climate?

Victorian Cowgirl said...

I'd much rather see my tax dollars going to help animals than to help a business owner. I've never been mistreated by an animal! But I have plenty of stories of business owners who've tried to rip me off.

Zev said...

Me too, VC - animals need our help to preserve their habitats, business persons should learn to maintain their own. AND, FOR THOSE WHO TRY TO WRAP ALTERNATIVE VIEWS IN NEGATIVE PACKAGES, I AM NOT ANTI BUSINESS!!!

OV Objective Thinker said...

We are in a tremendous economic down turn. Government, at every level is looking to tighten it's belt. And we are going to spend 8.2million on a wildlife crossing?

I love animals also but this is economic madness at this juncture!!!

Zev said...

OT, the key word in your post is "at this juncture". Unless the State is planning to widen Oracle highway soon, I doubt that these 'outlets' will be built soon. I agree that more spending of State and Federal dollars is currently insane; however, I also believe that asking for public assistance for private enterprise as AZ Vicki infers, is also insane and not in keeping with values of a 'free enterprise system'. If small businesses need to come up with solutions then they need to pin down their own individual analysis as to ALL of the whys of their failings and then pursue REALISTIC paths to better results.

Let me ask you and others a question:

Why is it that every time I go the to Casas Adobe 'center', MOST of the businesses there are
booming? Why is it that when I go to La Encantada, MOST of the shops and restaurants are usually teeming with customers?

My answer:

These 2 entities have a pretty good mix of storefronts. These 2 entities are walkable. Both of these entities are boutique like with desirable products (not necessarily expensive). Both of these entities have eateries which are not the ho-hum usual.

Our older 'strips' seem to be doing pretty well. A few (very few) places at Oracle Crossings seem to be doing quite well. Even Walmart is running (as I understand it) below expectations (too bad the OV Marketplace demographics were so skewed with
statistical baloney when it was in it's planning stages).

I ask you, OT, what can the OV Town (its citizens) do to assist businesses? One can cite signage, temporary cost/fee reductions, costly campaigns to 'shop Oro Valley', but, what it really comes down to is location,innovation, desirability AND product, product, product.

Victorian Cowgirl said...

Excellent points, Zev. I also shop LaEncantada and Casas Adobes Plaza for the same reasons: quality products, a pleasant and walkable plaza, nice restaurants. I also feel safe at those locations. All night signage means nothing to me.

Zev's "mantra" summed it all up:
location,innovation, desirability and product.

Another point on the wildlife crossing. Government is going to spend our money no matter what the economic situation at the time. I'd rather see my money used for something that I actually believe in (for a change)...animal protection. That sure beats using my tax dollars to turn quiet suburban and rural areas into 4 and 6 lane roads with traffic lights, destroying my view (bulldoze every living thing in sight) and my peace and quiet (by diverting all the traffic into my backyard) and destroying my property value and using my own tax dollars to accomplish it!

I'm referring to some of the other aspects of the RTA plan.

Oro Valley Mom said...

The money isn't just to save non-human lives. It saves human lives as well. The $8.2 million is for public safety.