Friday, February 12, 2021

Bits and Pieces

Marana Town Manager Get’s $200K. Will Oro Valley’s Town Manager Jacobs be left behind?
Marana’s former police chief, Terry Rozema, is now the town’s new town manager. He is getting $200,000 in his new job. This plus perks like a car and nice benefits. (Source: Arizona Daily Star) Oro Valley’s Town Manager Jacobs currently earns less. Will she be left behind?

Did you know that the town already borrowed for the “turnkey” community center?
Former Mayor Hiremath assured us that the clubhouse at the purchased El Conquistador County Club was “turnkey”. As it turned out, it was far from that. The 2021 Parks and Recreation Plan has funds recommended for inclusion to fix up the place. Bet you did not know, however, that the town issued a bond for $2,000,000 in late 2016 to pay for energy improvements. The bonds have a 15 year life.

Reconsideration of Kai-Capri General Plan Amendment avoided need for public hearings
The “original” council discussions of the Kai-Capri amendment required notice of public hearing. According to the town, the reconsideration that happened last week did not require public notice. As such, except for LOVE and the site, the general public didn’t even know there was further consideration of the amendment. The Mayor did take public comment but the meeting was dominated by speakers garnered by the applicant and the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. This, once again, gave the Mayor a false impression that the public did not care about this amendment. The amendment failed to be approved. But, we guarantee, it will be back in some form in the next year or two

PAC "Oro Valley Strong" financed by current and former town council members
A current and former Oro Valley council members are funding a PAC called "Oro Valley Strong".  The PAC has raised more than $3,000. Contributors include: 
  • Council Member Mo Greene ($1,020.80 from his 2020 campaign 
  • Former Council Member Joe Hornat ($250) 
  • Former Council Member Bill Rodman ($250) 
  • Former Council Member Dick Johnson ($250) 
Several other contributors are Oro Valley residents who are always disparaging current council leadership and new member Bohen. Expect them to position candidates for 2022. That is their prerogative. The PAC was founded by Oro Valley resident Don Cox. A recent PAC organization filing shows that Oro Valley resident Tom Plantz is now the chairperson. Cox is a former member of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The group Preserve Vistoso encourages all to voice support for a future preserve to council
The group Preserve Vistoso is recommending residents to speak during the “call to audience” section of Oro Valley Town Council meetings. The hope is that they will voice their support of the town’s sought purchase of the former Vistoso Golf course. Things to discuss could be the willingness of the Vistoso’ community to financially participate in the purchase; as well as their support of some the the annual maintenance cost of what will be a natural park preserve.

Town seeking applicant for stormwater commission
The town is seeking an applicant for one position on the stormwater commission.  Applicants must be residents of the Town of Oro Valley. The open position is a two-year term. 

"The SWUC makes recommendations to the Town Council on issues relating to flood control, stormwater quality management, the issuance of bonds for stormwater activities and the prescription of service charges. The SWUC meets on the third Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. Due to COVID-19, meetings are currently being held online via Zoom. 

Residents who are interested in applying for this position can contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 520-229-4700 or apply online by visiting the Boards and Commissions Opportunities webpage. (Source)

Wish us luck...
We're getting our second Covid-19 vaccine shot today. We heard that some have reaction to it. Our hope is that we won't and that, in two weeks, we'll have significant protection against this blight. Have you got your shots yet?